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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RhythmNative, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. The 1,2,3 punch of ‘Dirrty’, ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Fighter’ was the perfect single run despite ‘Dirrty’ not charting great. Iconic songs.

    I honestly can’t picture any other single trio opening the ‘Stripped’ singles run.
  2. Picking singles from Stripped is a good problem to have - spoilt for choices.

    If I remember it correctly, Christina wanted Impossible as the 5th single but the label went with The Voice Within instead. Both great tracks.
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  3. That is correct and as a Stan, I was happy with that decision. I LOVE ‘The Voice Within’ and I’m oddly a bit meh on ‘Impossible’.

    Saying that, I would have preferred ‘Infatuation’.
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  4. I would have slotted Infatuation as a single in between Can't Hold Us Down and The Voice Within. But the 5 we got were all great. I don't feel like she promoted The Voice Within much did she? Like maybe one Letterman performance or something? It did pretty well considering.
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  5. I personally prefer Impossible because issa vibe (plus, you can’t go wrong with an Xtina/Alicia collab), but the label was right about The Voice Within. Now, that’s a single that felt bigger than it was.
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  6. Impossible, Walk Away, Get Mine Get Yours, and Underappreciated could all have found decent success as singles. Ugh what an album. We stan a classic.
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  7. It’s interesting that two of Xtinas ‘flops’ in ‘The Voice Within’ and ‘Candyman’ are still remembered and constantly popping up on tv talent shows almost 15-20 years after.

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  8. All the Stripped singles were Top 10 hits in Australia, so I can't relate to any of this discussion of them underperforming. My country said we have no choice but to stan. I'm sure the UK girls can relate.
  9. Candyman did pretty well though? It was nearly top 20 in the US and is platinum.

    She really didn't have a true "flop" single in the US till You Lost Me. Everything prior (bar Dirrty which we've discussed) reached the top 40.
  10. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Candyman’s low peak probably had more to do with the fact that it had already picked up lots of buzz around the time of the album release and had already charted purely off that... so by the time it actually got a single release it was highly unlikely that there would be a single week that concentrated peak sales and radio play in the way that, say, a brand new single would have had.
  11. And we can blame RCA's obsession with trying to recreate the Upbeat 1st single > Ballad 2nd single formula that worked for Stripped.
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  12. Equally frustrating as ‘Hurt’ had the radio support to be a hit, but not the download sales, and ‘Candyman’ had the download sales, but not the radio.

    If ‘Candyman’ had been the 2nd single, I feel it would have gone Top 10.
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  13. Which shouldn’t have been the norm in the first place! She got “lucky” with Beautiful because it’s a bit of a mess marketing-wise to go upbeat then ballad to promote an album. It makes the messaging of the album’s sound a bit messy.
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    londonrain Staff Member

    It’s not a particularly unusual strategy, though. Mariah did it for several albums to great success in the nineties, so RCA probably figured it would work for Christina.
  15. I know we're a little over the discussion, but I just wanted to throw my two cents in here and say even the Borders I worked at in Kalispell had CD singles here and there. This was 2007/2008.

    They also carried Sophie's Trip the Light Fantastic, which was quite a lovely surprise.
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  16. Oh yes, Borders and Barnes & Noble always had some cute imports. #midwesternthings
  17. The UK did Xtina JUSTICE....up until 2008ish.

    UK #1s

    Genie In A Bottle (#1)
    Lady Marmalade (#1)
    Dirrty (#1)
    Beautiful (#1)

    UK Top 5

    What A Girl Wants (#3)
    Nobody Wants To Be Lonely (#4)
    Fighter (#3)
    Car Wash (#4)
    Tilt Your Head Back (#5)
    Ain’t No Other Man (#2)
    Say Something (#4)

    UK Top 10

    Come On Over Baby (#8)
    Can’t Hold Us Down (#6)
    The Voice Within (#9)

    UK Top 20

    I Turn To You (#19)
    Hurt (#11)
    Candyman (#17)
    Keeps Gettin’ Better (#14)
    Not Myself Tonight (#12)
    Your Body (#16)

    She has had worst countries!
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  18. Yes and no. All US music stores had them, but there were so few produced, and they sold so little, they were usually hidden in some back corner section and often filled with import singles or years-old ones. There just wasn’t a large market for them in the US, whereas in the UK, you could buy new singles at grocery store checkout counters and they were always put at the front of the store in every HMV/Virgin in a big display. Much of that is because you had such quick turnover of physical singles outside the US, whereas here, the same song would sit on the physical sales chart for ages...because there was nothing else. American labels were more interested in using radio and video play to garner album sales than worry about a single.

    Anyway, to get back on point, Dirrty did not have the same impact as the follow-up singles in the US, which is a crime. But personally, I just don’t think it’s fair to call it an outright flop (ala WooHoo).
  19. Physical singles have never made much sense to me. Waste of resources/space!
  20. If downloads or streams were a thing back then it'd have been a Hot 100 smash.
    Straight white male suits in their 50s working radio back then would never get a song like Dirrty.
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