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Christina Aguilera - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RhythmNative, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. Loved reading this! I am surprised there was no mention of the failure of Bionic leading into the films release. I do remember reading about Steven and his partner fighting over the film, but I don't remember that being a huge part of its narrative the way this oral history is making it out to be. I mostly remember the media narrative being "A flop album! A divorce! And now she's fat and has a flop movie! Buy The Fame on iTunes!"
  2. I always had such a thing for Cam Gigandet.

    Though his ugly ponytail in Twilight can perish.
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  3. I completely understand. He was a snack and a half in that movie.
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  4. The way Cam looked in The O.C. Now that's a throwback.
  5. Cam does nothing for me. Hot? I guess. Sexy? Hell no.
  6. 10 years of Burlesque. Honestly one of my favourite films, I could watch it over and over again.
  7. Burlesque is so damn iconic I might have to give it a watch this long holiday weekend.
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  8. It's great to see Christina still loves it too
  9. Xtina will perform on “Late Night With Seth Meyers" Monday December 14.

    Wonder what it could be? I doubt it'll be Mulan related, so maybe it'll be Christmas related?
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  10. I'd love a "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" performance.

    And that's the day I'm going back home for Christmas! This year I don't want to be alooooooooooooooooooowwwwwowowowowowneheyheyheysay!, indeed, Legend!


  11. Xtina said she will not be outdone doing ads from beds!
  12. I-

    I hope Nintendo paid well but not enough for her to ever do this again.
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  13. Somehow I’ll always remember a Christina quote that I read when I was like ten years old. She said that she loves staying in bed, eating in bed and working in bed. She prefers to be in bed all day. I remember thinking: wow do popstars do so little work?
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  14. So much for being sick of sittin’.
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  15. A relatable queen!
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  16. Performing This Christmas tonight on “Late Night With Seth Meyers".
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  17. Lead us into 2021 with a new album, Legend X!
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  18. Xtina hands down has my favorite take on This Christmas so we love to see it!
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  19. Sorry my mistake, it’s “The Christmas Song”.
    I genuinely didn’t know there was a difference between them cause I don’t listen to either. I guess I live under a rock in that respect.
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