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Christina Aguilera - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RhythmNative, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. HBD, to vocal legend Xtina.

    Back to Basics is her best album overall while her debut is her best sung album. Fight me!

    Ok, please, don’t.
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  2. Happy Birthday Xtina! Stripped and Back to Basics were real game changers back in the day and hold up well in this era.
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  3. That open letter is the greatest gift we could have received on her 'arrival' at 40. One of a kind, legends only, when will your faves, etc.

  4. Can't wait for her to arrive in 2021 with the best album of her career thus far.
  5. I still want that disco album where she is inspired by the sounds of the 70's, the 80's, all the greats that came before her. But I have a feeling we'll get Liberation part 2 and thats ok too. I'm not really basing that off anything other than whatever she was shooting last month the aesthetics looked very Liberation.
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  6. I want Wonderland.
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  7. This was going to happen? Like around "Telepathy" time? A '70s/'80s disco Back to Basics would rock my world.
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  8. Oh no, there's no evidence of that, its just what I want very badly basically because of Telepathy. And I think it would be fun for her to go full concept again. It would have been too shtick-y right after Back to Basics, but enough time has passed now that I think it'd be really brilliant.
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  9. "Telepathy" really is a stellar track. I'd love it if she tapped into that sound again.
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  10. Xtina going disco would be fantastic. Even just from a visual standpoint she would absolutely kill that high-octane high-glam drag
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  11. I think the Spanish album is definitely next, and I can see it following more of a current Latin-pop trend rather than her debut Spanish album. Pablo Lopez recently said in an interview he was asked to write a song by Xtina, and her showing off her sneakers while listening to Maluma makes me think she's going for the Rosalia, Karol G streetstyle vibes for it.

  12. I am OK with this, too!
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  13. This would kill! Want.
  14. Xtina on paper would be great for a new Xmas classic, teebs.
  15. She looks amazing here wow.
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  16. I am deceased.
  17. So we have Lift Me Up, Merry Little Christmas and now Beautiful. She also performed Reflection, Loyal Brave True, Say Something, The Voice Within & The Christmas Song.

  18. She sounds... incredible. There's a quiet confidence to her voice these days that I love. I'd love to hear the rest, especially The Voice Within and to see if she tries for The Note in Reflection.
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