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Christina Aguilera - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RhythmNative, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. The ending part of Beautiful....Truly a vocalist for the ages.
  2. Her best and also most heartbreaking performance, I think.

  3. A song leaked today called 'Lolita'. It's a Spanglish song with heavy Latin influence. It seems to be a demo because there is another (session?) singer, plus a rap part.
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  4. Do we know what era it’s from?
  5. She sounds gorgeous but the instrumental being almost identical to Cardi's I Like It is... not it.
  6. The other vocalist sounds terrible
  7. It’s a demo so I’m not too worried.
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  8. Interesting to hear it, but clearly rough and unfinished. Do we know what year it's from?
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  9. "Lolita" is properly great, especially considering it's an unfinished demo. The session "singer" lives up to that title and the rap parts are cringy/unnecessary, but the song is a bop and Xtina sounds lovely.

    I imagine it couldn't have been recorded before 2016. It's probably from the more recent sessions, I think. Or possibly even a "Liberation" outtake.
  10. I understand it was indeed a Liberation outtake!
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  11. My Bionic vinyl came today. Little Dreamer on vinyl is perfection.
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  12. I have no idea if this is new information but it looks there have been some new digital remix EPs for the post-Stripped singles? Her singles page on Apple/Spotify looks more comprehensive than before.

    Still, my holy grail - the video version of Come On Over, is not available in the UK, I'm sure it used to be available.
  13. Should I be concerned that my Bionic vinyl hasn't even shipped yet?
  14. I am on "yet to shipped" with no date too and some have been cancelled so I guess all we can hope is... hope.
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  15. Eek! I chatted with an agent on the Urban Outfitters website and he said he has lodged an enquiry into it and someone will get back to me within 72 hours. They took the money for it a few days ago, but it still says "Yet to ship". Fingers crossed...
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  16. Always takes me back to the time when I was collecting every single and every album from all four (five with Missy) of them. Still following all of them. Although ironically I care about the one that actually was able to grow her career the least.
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  17. That Lady Marmalade cover was a cultural reset.
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