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Christina Aguilera - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RhythmNative, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. So Xtina fans have convinced themselves that Lotus has been remastered on Spotify & Apple Music. It still sounds terribly mastered, but they're saying Cease Fire & Light Up The Sky sound amazing now...

    Clearly they just are thirsty for new music cause this shit still sounds rancid.

  2. Has anyone ever figured out why Your Body is mixed so low/quietly compared to the rest of the album?
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  3. Because you need to turn it UP!
  4. To be fair, Cease Fire does kinda sound less... rough but I won't submit myself to listening to the other hate crimes on this album not even out of sheer curiosity.
  5. Christina has an amazing discography. One of my favorite of all the pop girls in fact. That's why Lotus hurts so much, it's such a stain to an otherwise near perfect run of albums.
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  6. Just A Fool is the best song on Lotus. And it's not close.
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  7. Lyrically I love light up the sky , it's just a shame they recorded it using a sloted spoon , and sing for me is just unlistenable
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  8. Lotus has some potential songs on it but are let down by the production, as some of the sound rough and unfinished.
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  10. Another Lady Marmalade retrospective this time from Vogue and featuring quotes from Christina herself:

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  12. It's already combined with the 7th album thread, since I don't think it'll provide a lot of discussion, sadly...

    But hey, new demo snippet. Apparently it's the song she did with Pharrell back in like 2015.

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  13. Interesting. Sounds like a slowed down Make Over. Keep it.
  14. "Justin Timberlake calls-"


  16. Discuss.
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  17. Had a little Xtina listening party on the stairmaster today...Desnudate, Glam, Let There Be Love and Fighter. Never has burning 200 calories been so enjoyable.
  18. fffff not him trying to get Fighters on his side since Britney and Janet stans are gunning for him 24/7.
  19. I will always maintain that this should have been a full performance. The intro and reveal are just too epic for simply a presenting gig.

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