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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RhythmNative, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. 100% agree, I was there for this in Edinburgh and it was amazing!
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  2. You're so lucky. I really wish I'd been able to go; by the time it came to Glasgow in 2014, the awards were well past their heyday as a big "event".
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  3. I'm sure I won the tickets the week before the awards, we had to leave early though due to trains but I was only bothered about seeing Christina haha!
  4. Sorry but I need to share a few lines.

    I've seen the last tour in Antwerp and Berlin and both times I was completely overwhelmed. Not only is she such a character. I also felt she put her heart and soul in it. It was also such a strong throwback. Stripped was one of my finding myself albums and I realized how ahead of its time it actually was during the show. She empowered in special ways, from having Trans people in her video to fighting slut shaming and everything. And it all felt natural.

    I never connected to all this Firework Raise Your Glass Born This Way We R Who We R kind of songs. They were important but too on the nose for me (and way later to be fair). Songs like Fighter and Beautiful and even Dirrty gave young Sebastian a different confidence without spelling "We love cigs too" out at all costs. It all felt into place for me when I saw her live now. Did I cry a bit when she was singing Let There Be Love with all the rainbow guns out? Yes. Why? Because it felt like an ally is up there. Not someone doing a marketing stunt.

    Anyway what I originally came here to say is that Bionic really is that bitch. The deluxe is so over the top, so messy but somehow still brillant. It's like Stripped on pills somehow. Vanity alone is so absurd from the opening "Mirror mirror on the wall/who's the flyest Bitch of them all/Nevermind I! AM!" to that moment when she literally marries herself. I mean:

    I found someone better/
    I make myself so much wetter.

    A lyric. The first five songs are such a crazy trip already. Maybe because I always loved Santi and Maya I adore Xtina doing a bit of dress up more entertaining than some but I really enjoy those songs. And Desnudate works so good as a sister song to Britney's Get Naked.

    Even besides all that there is so much going on here and most things actually work quite well. Obviously some of the deluxe tracks should have been standard just because they are career highs. But the whole package is just so great in the end. I saw the light again when the vinyl arrived and I just had to listen through all six (!) sides.

    Christina is such a special one.
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  5. Covering Health Magazine.


  7. Months is gonna be years, but I'm glad she's working on both.
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  8. I really hope we get more music from her next year. Liberation was such a perfect album and I think she still has so much left to give.
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  9. The combination of that cover's clear and clean design speaks to me.
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  10. MONTHS away from an announcement? Clown college, we're coming!

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  11. The photoshoot being the Lotus shoot...but well done.
  12. Why didn't I know she was also working on an English album? Feed us, mother.
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  13. The Genie broke free.
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  14. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Did you receive it yet?!
  15. Well, no cause I decided to wait a bit with ordering it because I had recently ordered a lot of albums on vinyl...only problem being now it's already sold out aaah. My loss really, I shouldn't have waited. I looked at it two weeks ago and it was still in stock. I hope MC30 becomes the template for other artists in the future so I get a chance to possibly order all of her albums on vinyl ddd.
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  16. If working on one album takes 6 years, imagine working on two simultaneously. But I'll be here, waiting...
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  17. Why do I feel it will be the same album with english and spanish lyrics a la Christine & The Queens. Or at least some shared tracks.
  18. Because the girl is lazy enough to be working on an album, let alone on two completely different ones.
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  19. Not sure if its laziness or more of a creative or a budget issue. Also imagine if A SONG (you know, that one song that is big enough to launch an era with a bang) is created in the spanish sessions, why would they not work an english version of it too, or a bilingual one.

    Anyway we've heard 'omg I have two / three albums coming!!' time and time again from many artists in the past, let's see.
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