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Christina Aguilera - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RhythmNative, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. It really is incredible. Captures that album's chaos perfectly.

    Bionic is so good. It only gets better with age! A glorious camp mess and an absolute blast to listen to. I maintain it's her most fun album to date.
  2. I was listening to it today when I realized she had released it in the midst of pride. Truly a gift to the gays.
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  3. Indeed. The video we got was.....................a choice.
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  4. Xtina performed for the opening of Virgin Hotels in Vegas. She sounded amazing and looked incredible.

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  5. Oh yes let’s keep this look for a while. Loving the Tell Me hair.
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  6. She’s been looking amazing for several months. I hope we get new music this year.
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  7. The look is very xtina 2000 but make it 2021, stun
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  8. Obviously take this with a grain of salt, but Federico Vindver said he's working with her right now and that the album will be out this year. He was one of the people present during her sessions in Miami earlier this year.

    “I’m working with Christina Aguilera right now and she’s like ‘There’s this moment in this song you did and I want something like that’. I guess I’m pretty good at sound design… Making things sound interesting and different. Also because I can play I can figure out musical solutions, chord changes, rhythms.
    "I’m also finishing Christina Aguilera’s album which will also be out this year."

    Some of his production credits include

  9. Oh my God! I love all three of those artists (and songs!) so I’m perched for this. It’ll never happen but I wish Rauw Alejandro would have her on a remix of his song that’s smashing on Spotify right now. I know they had a session earlier this year that was presumably for the Spanish album.

  10. I’m kind of hoping we get a double disc album with disc 1 being the English album and disc 2 being the Spanish album. I know it won’t happen, I just don’t want to wait! I want them both now.

  11. The percussion ending is still such a great ending moment.
  12. This is such a great look. I need all pop stars to start wearing pants on stage again.
  13. Found this phone-upload from her gig in Vegas last Friday. Low production affair but she was absolutely killing it on stage.

  14. I think we should be having that discussion.
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  15. The discussion that this is her best song? If so then count me in.
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  16. My favorite from her is actually Pipe, but this is definitely Top 5.
  17. Monday Morning may be her best non-single.

  18. Which is difficult to get, not everybody has that to their credit.
  19. I recently went home to be with my sister who lost a friend to a drug overdose, and I randomly put on the music video for Christina’s new version of Reflection while we sat in grief. By the end we were sobbing, but in a totally cathartic way. It’s just such a beautiful and powerful rendition, and her best vocal ever in my opinion.
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