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Christina Aguilera - La Fuerza

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. Here for a Lindsay sample on that song if it's new.
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  2. It's a very early number, so most likely nothing new.
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  3. Imagine thinking Bionic only had moments and following it by a list of highlights that doesn’t include one of her finest ever Monday Morning, the amazing and cute Little Dreamer, the absolute anthem that is Vanity and around 3 to 10 others songs.
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  4. @Little L is just dropping the strangest opinions from thread to thread lately.
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  6. I mean Lizzo’s Rumors would have been better with a Lindsay sample so maybe Miss X knows what’s good.
  7. She looks phenomenal. I'm gagged.

  8. She's doing her LadyLand set right now. She is doing a FULL drag show, she looks amazing.

    Your Body
    Genie In A Bottle
    Aquaria doing Not Myself Tonight
    Milk doing Bobblehead
    Dahlia Sin doing What A Girl Wants
    Jaida Essence Hall doing Show Me How You Burlesque

    Call Me Mother by Rupaul Interlude
    Lady Marmalade
    Glam/Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels by Todrick Hall Interlude
    Ain't No Other Man
    Accelerate transition
    Feel This Moment
    Christina/Desnudate/Pepes Vs Limbo Remix by Fran Virgari DJ Interlude
    Boys Wanna Be Her by Peaches Interlude

    Can't Hold Us Down
    Let There Be Love

    Her mic died at the climax of ANOM, I'm crying ajsfasf. Her performing Beautiful in a bodysuit with a belly button piercing, an I LOVE NEW YORK crop top, red g string and thigh high boots is so hilarious. I can't with her.

    After they fixed her mic:

    The lewks of the night, she was serving CAMP:
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  9. Xtina has always done full drag in my eyes, way before it was mainstream – one could say she was ahead of her time. But coming out in a padded bodysuit might be the pinnacle of this, and I’m obsessed. She looks great, set list looks perfect. Queen of understanding the assignment.
  10. I know that's right!

  11. She really has come into her own as an artist and a woman and it is a joy to see. Music, style, vocals on point and she just seems so comfortable in her skin.
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  12. Shoots across the board!
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  13. I was there, she was incredible! Everything was on point
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  14. Now announce that lead single Legend!
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  15. Xtina Sonique Love absolutely understood the assignment.
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  16. Also let me say again: her obvious affection for Let There Be Love leaves me baffled as to why they didn’t just put it out as a single. It was also probably the most expensive track on the damn album.
  17. I bet it was a two for one special considering Your Body was the lead single.
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