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Christina Aguilera - Liberation (June 15)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. An actual


    moment. I don’t know if I’m happier that it’s good or that your ship is finally coming in, sis
  2. After hearing that snippet of Masochist yesterday I was just expecting to wake up to a really basic song with some cute message about how love hurts with some standard Lotus-esque, underproduced vocals.

    Instead I got this fucking MONSTER with none of the above. HER VOCALS ARE FLAWLESS.
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  3. If you upload Fall In Line it gets removed as "Fall In Line feat. Demi Lovato" so I'm starting to buy this. Plus Liberation is such a literal album title... And this is Xtina.

    Also, poor P!nk.

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  4. Imagine if she just surprise drops the whole thing after Drag Race...
  6. Also sorry for double post, but if this was supposed to drop next week with RuPaul, I hope this doesn't fuck anything up. I need this era to actually be smooth.
  7. Do you think this was also the song Pink recorded and she was replaced? It certainly sounds like something she'd gravitate towards.
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  9. This is amazing. Welcome back!
    Actually release it official please!
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  10. So yes, I only listened once and I'm sure it sounds better in good speaker and whatever.

    But her voice is still one of the best voices on this planet and this is the right amount soulful I need from her. Queen of female empowerment jams.

    Also, that horn section is lodged in my brain after one listen. Gosh I've missed her.
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  11. From what I've heard the Pink song was meant to be released in November around the AMAs but I guess something made that cancel (possibly the whole reaction thing, but I doubt Xtina is that petty). But it wasn't made with X6 in mind, so it would've just been a buzz track.

    Maybe it'll be on a deluxe edition or something?
  12. @BEST FICTION please tell me this is actually happening. Do we have any confirmation with a possible single release coming along with Drag Race?
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  13. We will never have confirmation but someone has been telling me for weeks now that this week we will see the magazine covers she shot in November (Suck My Dick shirt) and the Dazed magazine with the sunglasses. And with those magazines we'd get an announcement of the single being released on the 23rd after Drag Race.

    Obviously I didn't believe any of this, but with stuff leaking it seems like it might actually be happening.
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  14. Okay, someone please hold me.
  15. Oh wow Fall In Line is fantastic. Please let the Anderson Paak feature be real too.
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  16. Wow, ‘Fall in Line’ is so good.

    Where the fuck has she been? I’ve suddenly realized how sorely missed good-Christina Aguilera is from the music landscape.
  17. I can’t believe how good Fall in Line is. But I would rather it charted at number #75 than to have Demi Lovato on it. And I like Demi, but no. I want a full on solo Christina song.
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  18. Well lucky we have this version then!
  19. I’ve not even listened to the leak because I assumed it’d be an outtake from many moons ago. Lemme listen when I get the chance.
  20. Just listened to Fall In Line now. She's not playing this time.

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