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Christina Aguilera - Liberation (June 15)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. Christina María Aguilera
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  2. It sounds like a shouty, oversung demo to me but I only gave it a brief listen.

    Maybe the Demi version will be better.

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  3. Single in March, album in May please!
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  4. I hate to say this but I couldn’t listen to more than 1 minute of the song. Why does she always have to over sing and shout?
  5. Just because she sings over you, doesn't mean she’s oversinging!
  6. where can I listen?
  7. I hate the term oversinging. If you don't want to listen to a singer, go listen to Selena Gomez.
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  8. Finally managed to listen to it. It's so good! Demi isn't needed on this at all, it's her first lead single in six years and it's a duet?
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  9. Fall In Line is such a banger.
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  10. There hasn't been any word on if this is even a single or not.

    And I'm happy Demi is on it. She has enough young fans that can actually be influenced by this. It's such an empowering song, I want as many women as possible to hear it.
  11. As much as I like Demi and respect the fact that she admires Christina and looks at her as an inspiration, she is not needed on this track. After 6 years Christina deserves all the solo spotlight she can get. Nuff said.

    Radio isn't going to jump on it just because Demi is featured.

    We'll see what comes of this.
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  12. I really don't think Xtina recruited Demi because she's looking for radio play. She would've picked Ariana if she wanted that.
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  13. Can anybody gently help me to put my dirrty hands on it?
  14. That's why it's such an odd choice. I understand that they admire each other so maybe this is a passion project for them. Who knows.

    Now Ariana, that would've been an idea. A Dangerous Woman live performance on The Voice teas.
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  15. @BEST FICTION is probably gonna lash me for saying this but I think the media views Demi as this generations Xtina due to the fact she can actually sing and Selena.. can’t.

    Perhaps she feels like she’s passing the torch or something?
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  16. I'll accept this because Xtina seems to be on board with the comparison herself. I'd probably love Demi if her album had songs like Fall In Line... Instead she has Sorry Not Sorry.
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  17. Dddd Xtina and Demi have a lot of parallels. It's a natural fit. I'm ready to bop.
  18. Her latest album is good though, Sorry Not Sorry is fine although a bit shrill at times. Tell Me You Love Me is a massive step up for Ms. Demetria though.
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  19. I don't mind Demi she's talented sometimes but I'm yet to see her releasing something as i~co~nic as any Xtina's albums so there's that. If Demi helps her to get some coins / attentions from tragic unenlightened gays then so be it.
  20. I have such a good feeling about this album after hearing Fall In Line. Really love the lyrics and overall vibe of the song.
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