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Christina Aguilera - Liberation (June 15)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. Whether or not the songs make any impact is ultimately out of Christina/her team's control. The rollout itself has been handled incredibly well on their end.
  2. Idiot Kylie fans still bitching about the leak of Dancing teas.
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  3. If Demi manages to hit that note at the BBMA it will be a miracle but the performance will be amazing either way so I'm not pressed in the least.
  4. This rollout has been really good and in line with what you would expect a modern album campaign rollout should be like. No one gave two shits about the leaks of the tracklist, album title, or this latest track because most people don’t have access or pay attention to the pop music bubbles we are in. I said the same about the hysterics over Kylie’s Dancing leaking early. They handled that well just like this has been handled well.

    Chill out already and stop the hysterics where there should be none. Reality is not lining up with what some of you are claiming has happened.
  5. So ‘Fall In Line’ really is that diva anthem I needed and wanted. A classic Christina anthem with a fresh twist. Also in line with when a started stanning Demi after watching her documentary and realising her last album is fucking great.

    ‘Twice’ is one of her most emotional vocals since Stripped.

    ‘Accelerate’ is that song I didn’t know I needed from Christina, and it’s slowly becoming one of my favourite Christina songs ever.
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  6. Fall in Line is so good. I’m shook.
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  7. The album campaign has been flawless. We've been wanting more people to use the Kesha template and Christina has taken that and really moulded it to her advantage. I'm not even going to entertain any kind of conversation about a 37 year old woman getting radio/streaming success because I've done it too many damn times.
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  8. Imagine getting to work with your fave and THIS is the result.

    Demi must be freaking out so much. What a homerun for both of them.
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  9. Get your shit together, kiwis.
  10. @BEST FICTION can only buy and stream so much.
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  11. He is from Oz and how very dare you!
  12. This song alone was worth the wait.
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  13. The production on Fall in Line is making my skin radiant, while the vocals and key change are just glorious.
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  14. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    Yeh I’m still alive try harder
  15. Ahhhhh! Fall in Line is amazing! They both sound so well together and it’s not as noisy as I thought it would be.

    So excited for this album. Xtina is on her way to a home run.
  16. Fall In Line is excellent. It isn't too far from what the leak was, and I'm not minding Demi's feature as much as I thought I would.
  17. "Fall In Line·" is shaping up to be a hit, then!

  18. And we complained that she didn’t do anything new...
  19. RJF


    What kind of... genius marketing move? I'm a bit shook.
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