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Christina Aguilera - Liberation (June 15)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. Damn, her team is on fire. Did she steal all of Taylor's people about about a year ago?
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  2. But what about Kanye's bad week?!
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  3. I live for how much she's living for James knowing the words and singing along dd. The little looks she gives him when he goes in. She must be like "damn.... I really did that!"
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  4. Oh wow, not them filming this and holding on to it until now. Her team is something else.
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  5. nearly there!

  6. iTunes is literally meaningless though like you can be number one on iTunes in the uk for days and still miss the top 40
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  7. Unless you get monster sales, but that doesnt happen anymore though. But i hope Lovatics can help the song out on spotify to reach a younger generations to stream it. And for it to be added to all the hottest playlist on spotify for further exposure.
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  8. I’ll be over the moon if Xtina gets another hit massive, moderate or otherwise... but my main hope is just that her tour sells well. I’ll be so sad if her tour flops as she doesn’t deserve that. The music not slaying the charts 20 years into the game is kind of expected.
  9. I'm surprised (though not disappointed) they didn't double-bill Demi rather than keeping her just a feature.
  10. She has snapped and I am LIVING. Demi does a decent job to keep up with Xtina. I love this.
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  11. What a move! She's on fire this era.
  12. Not me hearing God on the Carpool performance. James was serving me-singing-along in shower teas but she was transcendent.
  13. "Fall in Line" is so Christina, the sound, the melody and the way she sings.
    Truly a real comeback and return to form after 10 years.

    It would be perfect if the music video followed the BBMA performance, or maybe even released a bit earlier.
  14. LTG


    Correction. Yes we are now.
  15. I'm loving 'Fall In Line', but unpopular opinion maybe, but I think I actually prefer the other two songs? Either way, it just makes me more excited about the album.
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  16. For what it's worth. Accelerate > Fall In Line > Twice, for me. But they're still an 11, a 10 and a 9.99.
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  17. She sounds incredible. I can’t wait for Sunday
  18. For me it's:
    1. Twice - the melody and vocal delivery are excellent
    2. Fall in Line - anthemic and powerful chorus with an specific 'Xtina 2001-2006' style
    3. Accelerate - I love her parts on the song, even more than some parts of the other two, but the long trap verse really lets it down

    All of the three songs are more than great and are very different, hoping for an album in which every song has its place ("Stripped" almost had that).
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  19. The Carpool Karaoke video is just a brilliant idea. Yet another amazing move in this campaign that's being pretty flawlessly run.

    Remember a few years ago when people used to bleat on about ''her voice is shot!'' These new songs and that video make them look even more stupid now, huh?
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