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Christina Aguilera - Liberation (June 15)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. I am sure that Maria and Sick of Sittin will be the death of me.
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  2. Why am I screaming at this
  3. Also XNDA is 100% Formula 1 racer, Lewis Hamilton.
  4. Wig-by-association.
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  5. LTG



    i'm so happy for you
  6. Slant gave it three stars.
  7. This pains me, but I refuse to let it dim my excitement!
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  8. He's not that bad. He's just singing in one verse and he sounds fine.
  9. Yeah, he probably sounds fine. I’m just not a fan of tax-dodgers.
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  10. LTG


    Xtina is. Who else is going to pay for the Billionaires' Birthday Tour?
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  11. @BEST FICTION are there any references to good dick in Pipe like I’m hoping there are?
  12. The chorus is
    I get low when you put that pipe down, pipe down, pipe down
    I wanna celebrate you right now, right now, right now
    Got me stunting for you cross town, cross town, cross town
    I wanna celebrate you right now, right now, right now

    Also includes

    I need some receipts
    All the shit that you said you was going to be doing to me last week
  13. already patting my pbussy
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  14. Y A S
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  16. [​IMG]
  17. Also if you wanted to hear Lewis Hamilton saying

    Got that nana dripping like a waterfall
    Oh that nana good, I can eat it up

    Then you're in for a treat.
  18. Why these final moments be feeling like forever!! Come on 26 hours!! Hurry yo ass UP!
  19. When you remove the tracklisting sticker on the back:

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