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Christina Aguilera - Liberation (June 15)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. When you remove the tracklisting sticker on the back:

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  2. That is amazing.
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  4. Poor Nicole.
  5. I love when you can tell X is really into what she's doing. This all seems like it comes directly from her heart, curse words and brashness and all.
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  6. This is going to look amazing on vinyl
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  7. I hope the vinyl has the correct Twitter handle because that's going to bother me ever since @BEST FICTION pointed it out.
  8. Oh wow this queen! I wasn't ready. Spin around in circles teas.
  9. Yeah I’m definitely waiting for the vinyl, she’ll get plenty of streams from me until then.
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  10. Us: Erm, Christina, that might be the wrong Twitter handle

  11. Dear lord , it's a shame he's such a huge dumpster fire of a person
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  12. I'm so excited for this album I've been bopping to Bobblehead like never before.
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  13. Gross
  14. Justice for Wet
  15. Scream. This is why I love her.
  16. Very excited to hear this album. Gah this whole rollout has been slick as fuck. Like another poster said, you can tell she’s properly INTO this project and isn’t phoning it in.
    Side bar but I really hope the stans don’t start getting all stat horny with sales figures and chartings after Friday. It’s obvious she doesn’t care about it this time, so just enjoy the music!
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  17. Reason ALONE to buy the physical.
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  18. Somehow the reboot of TRL is still on air, and she'll be on on Friday.
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