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Christina Aguilera - Liberation

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Oct 15, 2014.

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  1. [​IMG]
    LIBERATION: June 15, 2018

    1. Liberation
    2. Searching for Maria
    3. Maria
    4. Sick of Sittin'
    5. Dreamers
    6. Fall In Line (feat. Demi Lovato)
    7. Right Moves (feat. Keida & Shenseea)
    8. Like I Do
    9. Deserve
    10. Twice
    11. I Don't Need It Anymore (Interlude)
    12. Accelerate (feat. Ty Dolla $ign & 2 Chainz)
    13. Pipe
    14. Masochist
    15. Unless It's With You


    ACCELERATE: May 3, 2018

    Music Video

    TWICE: May 11, 2018


    FALL IN LINE: May 16, 2018

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  2. SO here for DJ Premier and Harmony Samuels. More Back to Basics please.
  3. Ready for Fire & Funtina and her 23 track filler-tastic new album.
  4. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I hope she goes for a hip-hop edge, but we already have 'Ain't No Other Man', let's get music from a different angle.
  5. I'd get super excited if I didn't know she takes her time with her albums. This is probably coming out on December 2015 so I'm not getting hyped just yet.
  6. I'm under the impression that Xtina's long breaks are normally due to her "creative cave" process, which is basically when she starts writing and figuring out her ideas and inspirations. Because she's already shown she's at the recording stages of the album, and is on The Voice early next year, I can see her releasing sooner rather than later.
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  7. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Wait, so Shakira isn't coming back? But anyways, it should be interesting to see what Christina will do for this album.
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  8. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    The longer break between this and Lotus as opposed to Bionic and Lotus already feels more promising.
  9. Nope. Xtina, Pharrell, Adam Levine & Blake Shelton will be the coaches of Season 8 starting February.

    I'm pretty sure Shakira is pregnant with her second child at the moment.
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  10. This needs to be out no later than May!
  11. She takes too damn long between albums. At least it will probably be 24 tracks to make up for the time away.
  12. 'Lotus' grew on me immensely and turned out to be a pretty sound album bar the odd shoddy anomalies (Make The World Move I'm looking at you), so I'm definitely perched and prepared to become pretty parched for this. Give me those bops that I love, Legend.
  13. Oh, and forgot to mention her website updated, and changed all the Lotus photos into shots from her shoot for Elle Magazine:
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  14. I'm ready.
  15. My one wish above all for this next era is that Christina is actually present and willing to do the work that's needed in order to promote and sell her music, I hope the success she's found as a features artist doesn't cause her to completely give up on the idea of working for a hit.
  16. Ready for new music from Christina. Not ready for an album or song with the name "Fire and Fun".
  17. I want an eclectic album from Christina. Something like Stripped
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  18. I direct you to Lotus.
  19. Has it really been eight years since her last hit? Ain't No Other Man, and then nothing, at least in the U.S. I know she's had some successful features, but that seems to point to pop leaving her behind in the 2000s.
  20. I'm excited for this, but I honestly have no idea what to expect. Her voice has changed, her status in the pop culture consciousness isn't the same, and she's had very important life experiences since the last record.

    I'd love to hear her embrace the hip-hop sound more, but I hope it's not too heavy on the features and incorporates other genres. Part of me would love to see her go more electronic and trip-hop. That style might suit her inability to hit the same notes she used to. Basically, an album of 12-15 songs with some of them being deliberately restrained with occasional moments of belting would be an interesting new direction for her.
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