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Christina Aguilera - Liberation

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. No one with that voice could be considered a "master of none". She may not do everything to the best of her ability but her voice is untouchable.
  2. I think at one point she was considered a formidable vocalist but lately, no. She threw in the towel too soon and to be honest I dont think her discography is strong enough for her name to be said alongside the Mariahs and Whitneys.
  3. Her performance of Beautiful a month ago was great, so let's not act like she's given up on her voice just because she's had a few off days like every other vocalists. And maybe she doesn't have the discography to match the likes of Whitney and Mariah, but they each have about 15 years on Xtina's career so it's not exactly difficult to see why she's not at their stage yet.
  4. Well, that and the fact that she's only released two albums in the last eight years and both have been total disasters.
  5. I realize everyone's entitled to their own opinion but did people actually listen to Bionic and Lotus? Cuz they aren't bad. At all. Certainly no worse than some of the other albums that praised to the high heavens around here.
  6. I think people only look down on the albums due to the eras attached to them. If Britney or Gaga had done either of them they would be praised to the high heavens and would have been very successful.
  7. Lotus is patchy as hell with mastering issues for days, but Bionic is largely fantastic with only a few spots unworthy of the Legend X name.
  8. 'Lotus' was solid with enough there to make a big era out of. 'Your Body', 'Let There Be Love' and 'Army Of Me' would all have been Top 10 hits in any other pop girls hands.

    'Light Up The Sky's mastering will remain horrific and used in sound classes as a 'What not to do' guide.
  9. Alex da Kid is an amateur.
  10. I actually enjoyed most of his work on 'Lotus'. He pretty much is the main producer on the album and I thought he did good stuff.
  11. The good stuff is not good enough to outweigh his basicness for me.
  12. I actually enjoy 'Lotus' as a whole much more than 'Bionic'. 'Bionic' has better tracks though.
  13. Neither Bionic or Lotus are "good" albums.
  14. I will murder you and everyone you love.

    Kidding. (I'm not kidding.)
  15. Pretty much, though there's a (sparse) sense of ambition present on 'Bionic' that elevates it above the garbage that is 'Lotus' ever so slightly.
  16. Bionic is largely a conceptual mess but songs such as "Lift me up" really could have been a big "moment" for her.

    Lotus is quite cohesive and "Your Body" is an absolute tune but the complete abandonment of the album and single by Christina didn't help.
  17. Bionic is incredible. Woohoo should have lead the album followed by the title track as a promo iTunes preorder thing. Desnudate, Elastic Love and even Prima Donna could have been released too. It wouldn't have given her any smash singles but the album deserved better. Even Not Myself Tonight while lyrically ridiculous is somewhat saved by pretty great production.
    I'd be more articulate about why I love Bionic but its Christmas Eve.
  18. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Bionic is significantly better that Lotus. Terrible album.
  19. 'Woohoo' is truly fantastic. Still fresh as ever to this day.

    Agreed it should have been the lead. I like 'Not Myself Tonight' for the basic bop that it is, but it really didn't sell that album well, did it?
  20. In a post-Anaconda world Woohoo would have done wonders for Xtina. Imagine the video.
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