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Christina Aguilera - Liberation

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. The performance was more than perfectly fine, it was great, god people are doing absolutely too much on this.
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  2. She really nailed RUN TO YOU and IM EVERY WOMAN. She hit noted on the latter that I didnt know she still could.

    Overall I personally found it a flat performance BUT she didnt mess it up and it wasnt bad by no means. I just expecting the voice hologram level of greatness on vocals
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    But what are people hating on specifically? I’m a bit puzzled.
  4. It was a great performance and clearly meant a lot to her. What more do people want?
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  5. The headlines for her performance seem to focus on everything bar the actual performance.

    It seems being able to out-sing everyone matters very little if you have 'terrible fillers' and 'look pregnant'. The amount of space given over to Pink's apparent reaction and retraction is a bit much, but I suspect the AMA production team knew they'd get lots of online buzz if they used that shot of Pink grimacing during the performance.
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  6. I have had my issues with Christina in the past, but she really is a powerhouse vocalist and puts most everyone else to shame, especially current ' vocal divas' who sing in emotionless breathy wisps and lack any character whatsoever.
  7. She seemed mildly wobbly and nervous at the start (which is understandable) and then once got into the flow of it was so wonderful. People acting like she pissed on Whitney's grave are probably the same people that relished in Whitney's demise, it's just mean spirited and at odds with reality.

    The only thing that bugs me about Christina is she has that voice and yet has such a small back catalogue and often quite a lot of weak songs on an album. When she uses her really soft voice, high notes and then goes to a belt.. it's so sublime. I just wish she would be a recording artist again... like even her covers give me so much life.

    Also, the Pink story of out nothing is frustrating. People can't read human emotions now? She was obviously feeling it and looked like she was proper concentrating. I hate the internet today.
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  8. Just casually wearing haute couture in bed after the performance.

  9. I love Selena Gomez's Spotify bio.

    I mean, I assume that's who you're referring to, since there's no one else you could reasonably criticise as such (or would want to after the last time you tried it...).
  10. At the top of my head I can think of JoJo, Beyoncé, JHud and Kelly Clarkson who would have all done a better job vocally.

    I really liked the tribute, especially the quieter parts. However, she had a lot of problems with her upper register and her belts were very raspy. She needs to take vocal lessons and work on her instrument. She is hands down one of the best vocalists out there, but she’s damaged her chords a lot with her excessive and technically untrained singing style.
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  11. They can belt but I doubt any of them could do those runs as well as Christina.

    It's not a surprise sadly that the media is focusing on a fictitious feud between P!nk and Christina instead of the performance. Why big up the females when you can knock 'em down eh?
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  12. Look to the left.
  13. I love Ariana as much as the next gay but she wasn’t even born when The Bodyguard came out.
  14. Not as well, but much better...

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  16. Christina is really amazing when it comes to emoting. That is a rare gift, and even though her belts can be a bit too much, I much rather listen to her than someone who lacks emotion.
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  17. Some of you saying JOJO or JHUD for the tribute... you’d think a top commercial show would hire 2 non-factors for such event? This isnt a local thingy just in case ya’ll forgot.
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  18. I thought she did great, and especially liked the more restrained moments.
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  19. [​IMG]
  20. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I think she did just fine. A little pitchy but it was emotional and not the trainwreck that people are trying to make it out to be. She was great with 'Run To You' especially.

    I can't believe the "Christina FLOP!!!" Narrative is still going on. She gave us 'Your Body'. The world needs to move on.
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