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Christina Aguilera - Liberation

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. LTG


    'Girl on Fire' was offensive to my ears but that's it.
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  3. It was me! People don't always get that I am living performance art.

    Are we over?
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  4. I still love Not Myself Tonight and will defend it to my death.
  5. And if we don't like it, fuck us?!
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  6. If you don't like it, then joo know h'what?
    FAHK. YOU.
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  7. I knew she wasn't going to announce anything, but still annoyed she didn't use Drag Race for some kind of promo. Sighhhhh ~
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  8. I think I read that Best Fiction said she only showed up at the end of the episode AFTER the runway. If an appearance on a buzz worthy show she decides to do that and not plug anything, good lord I wonder what she’ll actually do when the album campaign comes around.

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  9. Has she legit not released anything post drag race?! For the love of Lotus...
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  10. WHY they didn't think announcing/releasing her new single/album was a brilliant idea at the end of the show--when her entire fanbase is together watching this at gay bars, ready to download on their iPhones as soon as she says go...

    I'm not even a fan, but I'm so annoyed.
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  11. Like this is as close to a Beyoncé self titled moment as she could get. What a fucking waste. How on brand for her
  12. Y'all, I love Drag Race as much as the next gay, but it's not the Superbowl, relax.
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  13. I'm so disappointed. I really though this time we were about to get something...
  14. Gosh, I dreamt of an album pre order being up on iTunes, but oh well, it's Christina...
  15. Oh, please. I didn't say it was--but here in the states there's viewing parties at literally every gay bar, so, it basically is for the homos. It was a missed opportunity is all I'm saying.
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  16. Another day, another social media (s)layout.
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  17. upload_2018-3-23_16-11-10.jpeg

    FB pic update!

    She's coming?!
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  18. We are in Homestretch. Now it's game time.
  19. Homos who would buy X's album are going to buy X's album whether or not it had promo on Drag Race.
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  20. She looks fucking SNATCHED
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  21. Her Twitter's updated too! Love the colors! I hope it's not just an empty tease
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