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Christina Aguilera - Liberation

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. I actually feel the opposite. The video is so captivating and somehow makes up for how bad the song is.
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  2. This has grown on me insanely
  3. Well, even some of the Beyoncé album tracks are horrible so...
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  4. Yeah, that's what we're not gonna do in this thread.
  5. It's 2018!!
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  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

  7. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Not sure how I feel about Accelerate. The features are overwhelming and not in a good way.

    But I’m very excited for all the Xtina stans. Also the Fall in Line demo was very promising, so there’s that.
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  8. You stan the Double Dutchess, and I need not say more on that.
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  9. This has definitely grown on me a lot, and although I can’t say I outright like it, I definitely appreciate it as a song. It’s intriguing, and has actually made me really excited for the album, because I have no idea what to expect.
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  10. Honestly, watching that just made me realize how well the girls from the ‘90s/00s (Britney, Christina, Beyoncé, P!nk, etc.) have aged. They all look fantastic in their own ways.
  11. I thought this was going to be a post about career longevity then it became about looks. Oh well.
  12. This is a grower fuck.
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  13. May your trend of liking things later than everyone else, be they posts or songs, never die.
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  14. [​IMG]
  15. wow,60+ pages of discussion since the song was released on Thursday. I love PJ sometimes.

    I was really disappointed in the song at first. Mostly because I was honestly expecting something with a very traditional "lead single" vibe (aka big chorus, soaring vocals) but after reading her various interviews and videos, it seems that I need to adjust my expectations a bit. She's let go of this idea of herself as a Pop Star™ and is finally just doing Christina. And I'm really excited to hear some of her new music.

    I've listened to the song a lot, but I just can't get over the chorus. The synths sound so dated (though they sound fine during the outro), and the lyrics are just... bland and impersonal. It's interesting to hear that Kanye co-produced this because I don't feel any of his influence in this at all (e.g. I could never see him releasing something even remotely similar to this in his own catalogue). I would've liked a more aggressive synth or bassline to match the mood of the song (maybe something Fade-like?). Or, if she was going for something lighter, a more modern sounding synth would've been better. It's just a let down to me.

    Otherwise, the song is great, perfect for a buzz single even. The outro is just beautiful, and Christina sounds really at ease. I felt like during the more Hip-Hop influenced parts of Bionic that Christina was kinda try-hard, but this is really a nice progression from those days. Ty Dolla Sign could have probably been replaced by another rapper, but I think 2 Chainz's rap is probably the highlight of the song for me. I would've liked to have the beat part of from his rap extended so Christina could get a few runs in or some her of traditional vocal stylings (ha!), but I suppose I'm just nitpicking.

    Guys... I'm just really excited that Christina's back and it seems like she's finally found a LOOK that is magical and she's comfortable and in CONTROL again. I love love love it.
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  16. Oh God she went the way of Beyonce didnt she? How can someone say this is original??

    Release random lyrics with rapper screaming and hiphop beats and you automatically are a musical genius because thats what society tells you is cool.... I give up on Pop in 2018.
  17. There is... a lot to unpack here.
  18. Usually the case with trash cans.


    In other news, the first verse of this song still blows me off. Woof!
  19. so after 48 hours I've grown to it and decided, Accelerate is a bop.
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  20. I'm just so tired.

    EDIT: Ddddd I just checked their posting history and was...not surprised.
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