Christina Aguilera - Liberation

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How fantastic would it be to see her release an amazing album this year with a decent performing single? She looks so good, here's hoping she can deliver.
Bionic, Stripped & Back To Basics all had such amazing visuals and looks, which I think made Lotus even more disappointing.

I just hope the next album has interludes, cause to me that shows that she actually cares enough about the music, it's order and placement.
I loved the make-up and the graphics for Bionic, but the actual photoshoot I thought was pretty shit and beneath her. It looked so budget and poor to me. I hated it with a passion at the time. Keeps Getting Better remains her best package/artwork design (and the video for the title track remains her worst video by far, offensively so).
I love almost all of the 'Bionic' album photoshoot but cannot stand the one where she is gagged with the chain. She looks terrified and it's just like 'Christina why?'
This is the first year they're doing red nose day in the US. NBCUniversal (which owns NBC, Bravo, E!, Hulu, etc.) is pushing it on all their networks.



Nashville stills, gorgeous!
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