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Christina Aguilera - Liberation

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Oct 15, 2014.

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  1. Now don't do too much, the last eight years have largely been a MESS.

    It's just great to see Christina finally get her shit together.
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  2. My country is stanning. Twice is now #2 on iTunes Philippines.
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  3. "Twice" is a beautiful song, typical Christina ballad, that could easily fit in "Stripped" and "Back to Basics" (Disc 2 especially). The harmonies and pre-chorus are mesmerizing.
    Her voice sounds amazing, as always, but it really shines in this song.

    I wonder who wrote this song? It doesn't say anywhere..
  4. Can't wait to hear it. Guess it'll be there on my Spotify tomorrow then.
  5. Damn I missed it! I was busy at work today.

    Well I'll wait for tonight when it will be released in Italy, glad that everyone is enjoying the song this time around.
  6. It's out on iTunes NZ.
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  7. All is forgiven for that travesty that was released last week. Twice is beautiful! Welcome back Miss Aguilera!
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  8. J89


    Forgiveness? When did she ever say she was fucking sorry?
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  9. Nor does she need to be.

    Both songs are perfect.
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  10. I only heard the snippet but twice sounds beautiful, I can't wait to listen to it in full tomorrow.
  11. It's a gorgeous ballad.
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  12. How Xtina got her groove back.

    I know this is Popjustice, and the point is to celebrate a production's bells and whistles that swoop and swerve around lesser singers, but it really is nice to hear someone with an actual voice in full control. She's come back not a moment too soon.
  13. It's such a gorgeous ballad.

    She's 2/2 for now.
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  14. Twice is #1 in my country, the Philippines - that's 2 in a row now. Bring the Liberation tour to Manila!
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  15. This is honestly so gorgeous omg Xtina
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  16. I’m happy she released this. I’m so glad she’s showing all aspects of her sound and forcing people to remember she’s not one-dimensional. Just cause you didn’t like Accelerate doesn’t mean there aren’t 10 more songs that you may like!

    She always makes me proud.
  17. I’m just glad this is out so the people who have been complaining about Acceleration can finally shut up.
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  18. Just after having my first listen to Twice on Spotify, it played Not Myself Tonight.

    I quickly went back to Twice.
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  19. Twist is gorgeous.
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  20. Twice is gorgeous, but also a tad boring... she sounds amazing on it and I’m sure I’ll appreciate it more in context of the album.
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