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Christina Aguilera - Liberation

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. Well maybe 2018 is the new 1998 hahah (xtina originally came out in 1998 if you cant "My Reflection")
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  2. The production really sounds like it's made by Jon Bellion. I wonder if this is the song on the album he said he was involved in.
    I'm still not completely sold on this, the shouting throws me off a bit. It's the first of the three that doesn't really grab me but hopefully it'll grow
  3. Hmmm. Idk I think its a good song and like the message but I cant get into this. I also don't think it'll do anything charts wise. Accelerate remains my fave so far but I don't think that one would do anything on charts either.
  4. Lord, can someone create an extra thread especially for people disappointed/disbelieving in this album's chart performance?
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  5. An expected, ‘serviceable’ ballad whose normalcy doesn’t cut it after the crazy, nothing-like-it brilliance of “Accelerate” and the contemporary, haunting & groovy harmonies of “Twice”. Hoping the bulk of the rest is that effortlessly edgy.
  6. Xtina & BSB in the top of iTunes in 2018. Britney hitting new album too. It’s 90 all over again
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  7. And probably none will even chart on streaming lol. The difference between both charts are so weird sometimes. Like random songs by rappers always chart on streaming and nowhere to be found on sale charts.
  8. oh boy you died too young
  9. I really hope the video for this song will be ground breaking and revolutionary and have massive playback value. I love Demi and Xtina is a queen.
  10. Spill the tea sis hehe, fuck a Spotify right?xx
  11. Even in the Christina thread spotty fry has the ghoulz shook.
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  12. What a fantastic rollout. Excellent quality, excellent planning, excellent Christina, excellent use of Demi (and I was a little bit skeptical with Ariana Grande being the more obvious choice for a feature, for me, but she's perfect in Fall In Line. That note, holy shit). She deserves this, I'm so proud.
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  13. Demi reviving the music career of this legend – just one of the many great things she's done this week!

  14. Whew collect those 500 Worldwide sales Xtina sis x
  15. Not to undermine Demi and her success, cause I believe 100% that the song doing well is her fanbases doing... But isn’t Say Something a bigger hit than any of Demi’s songs?
  16. I don't particularly see Demi as a hitmaker. She has a large fanbase, but that doesn't mean she's on top of anything.
  17. I'd say Sorry Not Sorry was bigger in the US – it's the 80th most streamed on Spotify of all time.
    As for the rest of the world, Demi's other songs have been much bigger.
  18. Now sis we know that Say Something was a massive hit but in 2018 we have to be realistic and say that Demi and her fanbase will be largely to thank if this song catches on. There's no shame in using a more current artist to get some shine because the song is amazing.
  19. Solenciennes

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    Demi's definitely on the rise so I think it's probably just an agglomeration of casual interest in two popstars collaborating, two ex-Disney stars from different generations, Christina's tightly rolled out comeback, Demi having garnered a lot of good will and exposure over the last year or two and them both having big voices and being known for it. Probably lots of reasons for people checking this out and being pleased with the results, it has a great message, they both sound great and it doesn't make either of them look ridiculous, they complement eachother.
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