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Christina Aguilera - Liberation

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. I've never even heard "Sorry Not Sorry." It's crazy how easy it is to just not know about Demi stuff unless you listen to the radio.
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  2. Solenciennes

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    Demi's burrowed her way past my derisory snorts, eye rolls and scorn to become an actual fave in the last year or two.
  3. Demi has a few decent songs.
  4. "Cool for the Summer" is a megabop.
  5. The fact Demi is actually successful is wild to me
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  6. Fall in Line is immense. Empowerment anthems can easily feel vacuous but Christina’s always handled them well; Demi was a great complement to the track, it feels like it’s coming from an important place for both women.
  7. #1 in Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and Liechtenstein?! Jessie J's Ugandan #1 found abandoned on the side of the road.
  8. It's crazy how the streaming age and targeted ads/content on the internet have made it so common for songs (and pretty much everything else too) to be massive hits within certain demographics but completely unheard by ones that it isn't likely to appeal to.

    Since tickets went on sale, I see an ad to buy Demi's tour tickets at least 5 times a week across the different websites/apps that I use.

    On the other hand, I didn't hear God's Plan until it had been #1 in the UK for over a month.
  9. He produced it, co-wrote and has backing vocals on it.
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  10. Except Sorry Not Sorry was also big on Digital Sales AND Radio..
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  11. Is there much competition for a #1 the week Liberation is released? I would be so happy if the album goes #1. Not that it really matters, but she deserves it.
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  12. Sorry Not Sorry was unavoidable, @man.tis.shrimp just couldn't hear it over the silence of Montana
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  13. Yeah, its stats were very impressive across the board.
    #1 at pop radio, #80 most streamed of all time after just 10 months, matched Cool For The Summer's download sales in a rapidly declining market and managed 36 weeks in the top 50 of the Hot 100.
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  14. Nicki is releasing her album on the same day.
  15. Nicki Minaj will probably take the top spot.
  16. BSB's lead is getting bigger but xtina is holding up well anyway and i hope the video drops tommorow or this weekend for that extra push along with the bbma performance.

    1 Backstreet Boys - Don't Go Breaking My Heart - 1.0000 1.0000
    2 Christina Aguilera - Fall in Line (feat. Demi Lovato) - 0.7261 0.9944
    3 Childish Gambino - This Is America - 0.7054 0.9767
  17. Ugh that woman!!! cant she push it back for another week?? and let xtina get that top spot ugh!!!
  18. We have iconic vocalists here though.
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  19. Xtina is doing a tour ticket bundle with the album isn’t she? so she could still be in with a chance for the top spot against Nicki.
  20. Christina's last album debuted at #7 and her album before that at #3 - there's no guarantee that Liberation would be hitting #1 even if Nicki wasn't releasing the same week. Chart position isn't the be-all-end-all... even Stripped didn't hit #1 in the US but it still has a massive sales tally. June is packed with new releases. Nas is scheduled for the 15th as well and his last 3 albums were all #1s. Plus there's Kanye and Kanye+Cudi albums dropping the weeks prior and those streams will probably be massive. If Drake drops in early June, he'll be blocking all of them anyway, though I feel like he won't release before Nicki.
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