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Christina Aguilera - Liberation

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. The public does not seem to mind about the 'mess'. Fall in Line is back in the Top 10 on iTunes.
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  2. Christina was flawless. Poor Demi seemed really nervous. It was great up until the key change. I think she should have just let Christina mainly handle the final chorus.
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  3. Everything after the key change is probably the first time I've ever agreed about a performance being a "scream fest" but I can't say I didn't love every moment of it. It was really good seeing her on stage and I'm sure she'll only get better through the promo performances.
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  4. I thought Demi was a much better singer than that. Maybe it was nerves.
  5. I thought it sounded ok, I guess. But I've also never been too fussed about Demi as a vocalist. I've always said she's a good singer who's being told she's a great singer, and its a bit to her detriment.
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  6. She has a tendency to overdo it when it comes to live performances, but tonight seemed more like nerves. I don’t know if rubbing their foreheads together like that was planned, but I liked that it seemed like Xtina was comforting her a bit.
  7. The vocal slayage...

  8. Yes it was planned, you can see from the backstage pix from rehearsal.
    BTW it's a long time since we last have a performance so flawless from Xtina, I'm so happy.

    Do we have any update on how the song it's performing?
  9. Back to 7 on iTunes. Not sure about radio/streaming...
  10. Christina was visibly excited to be onstage performing new material and went all out leaving poor Demi in the dust. That said, Christina just radiates star power and the performance was very nicely staged so it was a success overall.
  11. I mean, you can’t really harmonise with someone so off-key without also sounding shit yourself so is it any wonder Xtina left her for dead at the end? Poor Demi though, she’s much more competent than that performance would have people believe.
  12. I wonder if Demi's vocals were a tribute to the Lotus era performances?
  13. I know putting their heads together was planned, I’m talking specifically about how it was done.
  14. If you mean the way Christina started nodding her head, I agree - it looked like she was reassuring her to me.
  15. I think the nodding wasn't a part of it because Xtina started nodding before they put their heads together. It seemed like Xtina was comforting Demi because by that point she looked really upset. Even when she says "Thank you Christina" at the end, her voice sounds shaky like she's about to cry.
  16. Yeah, you could see that Demi was struggling, but I still think she did a decent job. Her verse was good, it was just so unfortunate that she got lost in the key change. It was such a nice way to end the performance with Christina comforting Demi.

    This performance really reminded me of what an excellent performer Christina is. She just breathes starpower and her vocals were so so good. She really managed to pull of her wailing even with Demi struggling. And that says something about the power of Christina’s vocals. How she knew when to harmonise and when to show off her vocal runs - she is one of the best.
  17. Amazing performance even if Demi's nerves got the best of her.
  18. I saw the last bit and it was a mess but in a way that only Xtina and Demi on stage would be. I didn't think this would ever translate well live as a duet in any case.
  19. Yeah, that’s definitely the vibe I got. Demi looked like she was upset and gave up about halfway through the final section, and that’s about when Xtina seemed to pick up the slack for her, maybe in an attempt to make her struggling less obvious. It was a nice gesture.
  20. Yeah, you can see that Demi was nervous and unfortunately it affected her performance. Christina, on the other hand, was amazing and the overall performance was great.
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