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Christina Aguilera - Liberation

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. Oh my god, I just saw the BBMAs performance. Poor Demi. That moment where she goes to sing an adlib and then changes her mind - she's clearly crushed. Her voice was just way off. Shit happens, I hope she doesn't beat herself up. Xtina still did enough for the both of them.
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  2. No
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  3. Poor Demi - this performance could've bene epic and now was such a waste.... Hopefully they'll perform it some other time - but in its epic form!
  4. I’m not even going to pretend for a second that a “scream fest” isn’t what I came for. Ear-bleedingly glorious.
  5. All this speculation about what 'XNDA' really means is giving me iamamiwhoami teas. You guys realize it's probably going to just be background vocals from some rando right? lol
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  6. Backing vocals by the Ibiza Owl.
  7. Fall in Line is inching towards #3 on iTunes. Guess the BBMAs performance helped, along with the positive reviews!
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  8. The performance made me realize Fall In Line (and Dangerous Woman) knock off the vibe from Feeling Good. How did I not notice it before?
  9. RMK


    Christina definitely had the better vocal performance. I think Demi had an off night, even in the audience shots she seemed concerned about something. In all honesty, her verse on the actual song sounds more than right for her so it's okay.
  10. I told the person that came up with this fantasy that they’re ridiculous.
  11. You can tell Demi was having an off night at the BBMAs, but that performance was still incredible. I 100% understand why Christina and Demi collaborated and it just works so well. I think it's a really powerful song (reminds me of the Stripped era to be honest) and it seemed obvious the audience agreed.
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  12. Christina and Pink collabing on a song most likely about dick? Surely not.
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  13. Finally saw the BBMA performance. A total screamfest after the key change, but that’s the type of ridiculousness I live for.

  14. May we ban “scream fest” please because these girls clearly aren’t out here stanning vocalists.
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  15. I thought the performance was powerful, so rewarding to see Xtina back on stage absolutely soaring her emotions. The vocals weren't perfect, nobody is perfect, and the song represents that (in some way) anyway.
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  16. If so Demi better purchase Xtina’s Master Class with a quickness...but seriously I’m sure they wanted everything to be perfect and am surprised Xtina didn’t coach Demi in rehearsal or something? Maybe that’s what psyched her out actually?
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  17. Demi didn't sound her best, but I was expecting a disaster after the comments here and yet I thought she did fine. I enjoyed the performance, however just like in the studio version from one point on it's just an inane repetition of the chorus with ad-libs on top that goes on forever and it kind of ruins the song. It really needed an extra part.
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  18. The fact that the vocals at the BBMAs weren't perfect actually made the performance better in my eyes. There was so much vulnerability about everything.
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  19. The album is out in just over 3 weeks. I worry for her.
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