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Christina Aguilera - Liberation

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. So now that Nicki has delayed her album, Nas is nowhere to be seen and Drake might release at the end of June, it looks like Liberation will have a good debut.

    I don’t care about a hit single but I would like the album to have a decent first week compared to Lotus because she deserves it so much.
  2. I feel like nostalgia + positive GP reception will be better selling points this time around than a top 40 single, so fingers crossed.
  3. Hopefully it will debut top 5, be critically acclaimed and have some longevity because it’s what she deserves and I think it will.

    She’s already exceeded my expectations.
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  4. Me watching the video

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  5. I need a vinyl pre-order for the US. I sort of wish this was getting some deluxe edition ala Target as well.
  6. I sort of not cause I preordered the signed stardard album and I'm selfish.
  7. The album is guaranteed to have a strong first week due to the tour bundle. 80k from the bundle in sales, 30k in normal sales, 10k streams, we're looking at a 110-120k debut perhaps even higher.
  8. It’s a bit presumptuous to assume 80k in bundle sales when she’s not doing huge venues and they need to be redeemed to count as a sale. Maybe let’s not get our hopes up.
  9. The album will most likely do something similar to Glory's numbers, probably around 80-90k total, which is amazing for any pop girl (not trying to bring up a Britney/Xtina debate, I just see both of their careers in similar positions at this moment). She might even have a shot at number 1, but top 3 and acclaim would be just as great.
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  10. You just know some Cozy Tapes or A$AP Comp or Lil Gucci release will creep up and make No 1.
  11. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    It's nice to see Christina in a proper pop video again, but it's too bad the song is a 6.5/10.
  12. The MNEK track will be a 10 i can feel it.
  13. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    This is interesting! I assumed the only reason "I Don't Need It Anymore" had "(Interlude)" attached to it was because it was still a song albeit a short one like "Morning Dessert", and the others didn't because they're just talking bits (like what you said about "Dreamers"). That could still be the case, but I assumed it'd be longer than 54 seconds.

    But anyway I'm getting more and more excited for this album as the days go on. The video for "Fall In Line" is great, I'm absolutely hammering "Fall In Line" and "Accelerate" to the ground, and have I mentioned how impeccable the rollout has been? Yeah, lemme do it again. Best campaign ever. Here's hoping she gets her Vanguard Award this year too.
  14. Ok but this is excellent.

    (Yes I already posted this in the Britney thread but I want everyone to see it.)
  15. She looks unreal. What a beauty.
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  16. I’ve always been drawn to watch her mouth, probably because like you said, the sounds that come out of them are heavenly really.

    She looks gorgeous. As always.
  17. I don’t see how in the world an Xtina and MNEK collab won’t blow me away. I cannot wait.
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  18. Prob not happening but wouldn't 2018 be a convenient time for her to receive the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award at the VMAs.........
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  19. she's literally ageless i hate her
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