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Christina Aguilera - Liberation

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. She's gorgeous, isn't she? I'm glad she's not covering her freckles anymore, and it's the most stripped down look of hers since her debut days, I guess. She seems ageless indeed, and so is her amazing voice.
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  2. I wonder if she takes these 4-6 year gaps between albums because she just doesn't age at all, so she has no idea how much time actually passes.

    makes u think
  3. There is actually something to be said for this. I had a discussion about this in the Madonna thread. As I get older (I'm still in my 20's), I have no idea how much time actually goes by. When you don't really change much, time becomes irrelevant. I see some people from my high-school who have aged like cheese, yet I still look exactly the same as I did when I was 17. I am a decade older now, yet I could step into a time machine exactly how I am now, straight back into high-school, and no one would suspect a thing.

    The past few years especially, time has really accelerated (available now on iTunes). I was confused that a new Madonna album is going to be released soon, because it seems like to me like Rebel Heart was genuinely only released about a year ago.

    So yes, maybe Christina and I have the same concept of time, since we're both ageless, unbreakable flowers.
  4. *blinks*
  5. Love the video. For some reason it reminded me of Orphan Black with those visuals.
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  6. No. He is a quite older than me.
  7. Most cheese is meant to be aged...

    Also, I looked horrific in high school. Thank fuck we age.
  8. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

  9. Her personality in the W interview was so endearing - she’s always been like that but I think during Bionic the process of getting the actual album out or her marriage or whatever that was happening behind the scenes led to that bitchyness and attitude (not cute) taking over. It was very offputting. Hats, gum chewing throwing and HA! all. Although these are also the things why I choose to stan her.
  10. I was watching the Fall in Line video and whilst she does look fabulous she's clearly had some work done recently because she looks different, and it's not because she's pregnant.

    She's definitely had her lips done and some fillers too.

    I'm not hating here and repeat, she looks fabulous, it's just I think she's had some help.
  11. But I don't really care though because it doesn't matter and I don't see why it needs to be brought up time and time again like it's brand new information.
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  12. I mean, lip injections are always evident, because they're... meant to be seen? It's not like "ooh, it's so noticeable she's had some work done!" when the point is to make some change to how you look.
  13. "You know she's wearing makeup right? I'm not hating here and repeat, she looks fabulous, it's just I think she's had some help."

    See how stupid that is? People aren't blind. We just realize it's not even worth talking about.
  14. Well you don't have to talk about it then. Those of us that do want to comment however will.
  15. OK go right ahead beating that dead horse like celebrity plastic surgery is somehow a secret that you've revealed to the rest of us.
  16. Lots of people get work done and still look ugly, so let me just reiterate that Xtina's DNA is flawless!
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  17. I mean, you'd be hard pressed to find an entertainer working today who hasn't had some form of cosmetic surgery haha. What shocks me is that all that partying she did for the better part of what... a decade (?) doesn't even register. I feel like most of the time botox, fillers, etc don't really have the intended effect and make people look older. But maybe I'm just biased from like Real Housewives or some shit.

    But then again, she is only 37. It's not as if we should really expect her to look much different lol.
  18. These gals don't need their lips filled, but it's their bodies and their money if they feel better for it then good for them.

    You may believe this, but hun it ain't true.

    I thought the same, but then I realised I'm not noticing the changes as I see my ugly mug everyday in the mirror and it doesn't register.
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