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Christina Aguilera - Liberation

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. Yes, Lady X, get that critical adulation!
  2. Come through Legendtina Acclaimuilera!
  3. Ok so lemme outline this by saying I DO NOT HAVE A LINK, SO DON'T PM ME, IT'S POINTLESS!

    But someone I know got a copy early and is playing it for me. It's almost 4am, I have to be up at 6am, but Unless It's With You just started. I'll give my first impression if y'all want them. I don't wanna be be a show off though.

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  4. If we want them? Its what we're waiting for! Spill.
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  5. I mean I play them in my car but I just love having the booklet! Remember when it would be a fold out poster? I have a board I post my CDs from a decade ago and my concert tix
  6. I wouldn't trust anyone else's review teebs.
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  7. I don't even know where to start. I'm so overwhelmed. Off the bat, there's no songs that sound like your typical... bops. Like don't expect a Your Body hidden in here, it's not!

    Liberation are those beautiful violins that play at the beginning of Fall In Line, not much to say, just very pretty. Xtina keeps asking "are you there?" with a child laughing, assuming it's about the idea of her trying to reconnect with her younger self who made music for all the right reasons.

    Searching For Maria is an acapella of How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria.

    Maria is just... insane. The Jackson 5 sample plays through out, it starts with some harpsichord, the chords remind me a bit of the intro of Dream On by Aerosmith. Violins join in, and vocally it's amazing. The drum beat drops and it starts to feel so moody. It feels like such a production. I can already tell it's one of my favourite Xtina songs ever based on one listen. The backing vocals come in and it's like going to church. It's my stand out on first listen. You can hear a bit of the instrumental here.

    Sick of Sittin is so WEIRD. It's definitely Janis-esque, it genuinely sounds like a 80s rock song with the guitar riff. But the chorus, to me, is 100% Michael Jackson. The way she's singing is straight up MJ. It's so funky but rock at the same time. I like this song but I can tell I'm just stunned right now and need to listen to it more.

    Dreamers is little girls saying what they wanna be, cute.

    Right Moves is like a No Doubt song, like one of the more chilled ones, it's very relaxed with a reggae beat. The features are towards the end and do a good job, but it's not my favourite on first listen. The way she's singing is so subdued and girly though, I love it.

    Deserve is so good. It's so haunting and beautiful. Also MNEK can suck a fat one for implying it's a duet when he's literally mumbling in the background for most of it. This is the instrumental.

    I Don't Need It Anymore is a line repeated in Sick of Sittin', so I feel like this is in a weird place on the tracklisting, but it's another acapella interlude.

    Pipe is a vibey, sex song. Her vocals on this are so sweet, no grit, no growl, very pretty. XNDA is barely a rapper, he's more like an R&B Justin Bieber or something. I'm still assuming it's Lewis Hamilton's music debut. The instrumental is here. I really like this song.

    I was kind of expecting the worst out of Masochist when that 15 seconds leaked in March. But it's a really cute mid-tempo ballad. The synths remind me of True Colors by Cyndi Lauper. It's sort of faceless, but I enjoy it.

    Unless It's With You is like... gospel. It's wig snatching. It's like the song everyone will play for their first dances for years to come. The way it elevates at the end is so gorgeous. It's like that huge love song ballad she never had, it's like her I Will Always Love You or We Belong Together. Doesn't sound anything like them, it's just the vibe I get from it.
  8. This thread is going to be fun.
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  9. Also some photos of the booklet, no lyrics in it, but there's 3 new photos we haven't seen before!

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  10. Is there a continuous between the interludes and the track right after them?
  11. Only from Searching For Maria to Maria because they were one song in the beginning. But not for Dreamers or I Don't Need It Anymore.
  12. The photos from this campaign are seriously ART. She rarely gets the image wrong. And none for you Lotus.
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  13. I was literally wondering what "ART" stands for before realizing dddd and I don't even go on ATRL
  14. Oh my god.

  15. Ok how about your PMs now? wink wink I'm jk dd
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  16. I'm not reading the reviews before listening to it not to spoil anything.
    Hopefully, it will be available to listen early tomorrow.
  17. Lots of people are just going out and buying it now, so it'll leak any second now. I listened to it through a shotty phone call, so it's gonna be even better in HQ.
  18. Seriously. I want a music video of her just serving look after look. Accelerate and Fall In Line failed to properly showcase the brilliance of her current styling.
  19. I am sure that Maria and Sick of Sittin will be the death of me.
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