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Christina Aguilera - Liberation

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. She did the undercover subway bit with Jimmy Fallon. She sounds incredible.

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  2. Listening to the album again, this is really the best her voice has ever sounded to me. There's no emulating of someone else's voice like on Bionic. It's just her. But so controlled and so in tune with whatever moment she's creating.
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  3. First listen.

    “Sick of Sitting” = Nikka Costa
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  4. Maria sounds like what you'd expect from a Kanye production (high pitched soul sample, kinda hip hop beat), if that helps people who haven't heard it yet/missed the train. Listening now...

    Edit: It's a very good/great album, which is Christina at her best for me. No shade, but after Lotus, this is a triumph and a real return to form for her.

    I'm not in love with Maria. Feels like a generic Kanye production (listen, I live for Kanye - well, did dd - but it's average for him).

    Sick of Sittin' is very Janis Joplin, like 60s/70s psychedelic rock. Only a song a truly gifted singer could pull off.

    Right Moves is cute and I'll bop, but I feel like it's the most filler thing here. Very Rock Steady-esque No Doubt.

    Deserve is kinda atmospheric with a trap beat and plinky piano notes. I think it'll be a favorite around here.

    I love Pipe. I feel like she sings in her sweet spot here and it's just so buttery and sexy. Kinda like one of Ariana's downtempo R&B songs people typically don;'t like on here ddd. The feature is fine.

    I kinda love Masochist. Midtempo ballad I suppose. Production feels really lush and pretty to me, but still modern and electronic. But almost warm? I think @BEST FICTION mentioned True Colors and I can hear the similarity. Interesting because the lyrics are about continuously returning to a toxic/abusive relationship.

    Unless It's With You is gorgeous. I almost don't think it's cheesy enough to be a wedding staple. It's just an impeccably crafted ballad. Raw, almost clunky, lyrics.
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  5. DDDDddd not me putting off calling a lyft for a dick date so that I can be snatched bald by Maria.
  6. It's good! But I can never understand for the life of me why people ever get the censored versions of albums?
  7. Liberation - Gorgeous but pointless

    Searching/Maria - Its kind of epic, but its also maybe slightly too busy. The Michael sample is overused. But otherwise the production is fantastic.

    Sick of Sittin- Yea, its a no from me. It doesn't have much going on melodically. The production is good but it sounds mixed louder than her voice at times, which I don't love.

    Right Moves - I love this one. I get the Underneath It All comparison - very much the same vibe. She sounds really lovely here and I liked the features on this one too.

    Deserve - Probably the most immediate after Fall In Line. Good lyrics, nice melody, good production, good vocals. Definitely an early favorite. And yes, he is just a background singer. He can take a seat.

    I Don't Need It Anymore - As is often the case with her interludes, this has no purpose here. I don't know why she thinks she needs to include this stuff. Its not adding anything.

    Pipe - For such a sexy song, she sounds really.. sweet here? Its a really lovely vocal and kind of unusual for her. I like this song a lot. Lewis Hamilton (or whoever it may be) sounds nice. I don't know that he was needed here, but he's not taking anything away from it.

    Masochist - Great vocal. She always kills this kind of song. I'm not sure how I feel about this one yet. I can see it becoming a favorite with repeated listens, but right now its kind of just there. I like the production a lot though. Since this album is kind of low on obvious single options, this one probably stands out.

    Unless It's With You - Well this is the best song on the album. And the obvious 2nd single. This is probably one of her best ballads ever. My only minor minor complaint is its not grammatically correct, is it? You don't get married with someone, you get married to someone.

    Overall I enjoyed it and have no doubt it will grow on me more with repeated listens. I don't think its anywhere near her best, but I wasn't expecting it to be and its nice to have the passion back.
  8. Me right now listening to Pipe:

  9. Just gonna wait till Friday. Glad the vibes seem good, though.
  10. I'm about to dive in. I'm so perched.
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  12. Well, shit.

    I'm not even finished yet, but this is a really fucking well done album! It's exactly what I envisioned a (properly done) Xtina album in 2018 should sound like.

    I think she does a great job at staying true to herself, and indulging her campy self, but it's a well edited affair all around. Don't even get me started about Right Moves. Not just a 2018 highlight, but a pop highlight in general. And the transition into Like I Do should be recognized as sequencing done right. Really great stuff in here.

    Sure, I cringed during Dreamers, just because it's really unnecessary (in my opinion), but this is her moment, and the fact that it was included showed me that she's not afraid of being exactly the pop star she wants to be right now.
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  13. Maria is brilliant. It's not even a oddly structured song but Xtina's vocals are just soaring over the trappy beat. It's so intense and the song just builds and gets dramatic without being hammy at all. What a brilliant proper entrance to the album.
  14. "Deserve" is...beautiful.
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  15. This is a true diva album and I'm loving every second of it.

    Legendtina was feeling all of her oats while making this. Yas.
  16. This ... could definitely be her best album.
  17. @constantino when you listen to this, let me know if 'Like I Do' gives you Adrijana teas.
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  18. Her vocal texture in "Pipe" is KILLING ME. The playful, coy tone she takes on is infectious.

    I just adore how she completely cemented her direction while also exemplifying how to insert yourself in a modern, 2018-and-beyond sound. This is completely unexpected sonically, but her confidence and dedication are undeniable components of all that she has to offer. Seriously, I'm impressed.

    Oh yeah, the tuning/effect on Lewis Hamilton is a mess. His part fits, but it definitely wasn't needed. Other than that...9.5/10. She really did that.

    Pipe...and then Masochist...true pop bliss. I'm so happy for her, she should be very proud of this album and I hope she continues to sell the fuck out of it, and milks her moment for every promo opp she can get.

    One of my best friends is an Xtina stan as hard as I am to Britney...he's waiting till tomorrow and I'm obeying his wish to refrain from any comments about the album until he listens in about 22 hours--and I can't wait for him to hear this. His father just passed away suddenly and has just been going through the most lately--I can't imagine how meaningful this album will be for him.
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  20. Deserve is pretty great and Julia's songwriting is all over it but Xtina's voice on top of it is just brilliant. She's totally selling every bit of this song. Yeah MNEK is mumbling in the background but so what who cares.
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