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Christina Aguilera - Liberation

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. The truth is always necessary.
  2. I mean... it's not exactly Finnish death metal, most of it is just standard pop-soul-RnB with a twist. Not saying that to diminish the album which I love, just wondering why anyone would be so turned off by it.
  3. It makes me chuckle how many commentators on these threads try to wrap rudeness and just outright bitchiness up as the "Truth" or "Fact".
    It's kinda ironic that pop music fans complain about the snobbery that exists towards pop music and how dismissive other fans of other genres are towards it, when many members on this site are some of the most arrogant and hostile towards others who don't share the same opinion as them when it comes to their favourite artists/bands/songs/albums.
    Just because someone doesn't agree with you or has an alternate opinion doesn't make them a troll or mean they have "shit" taste. It just means they view something a different way. It's one of the reasons I hardly ever post on these threads is because of the gang mentality and sometimes outright bullying that goes on.
    For the most part, it just seems to be a contest to see who can belittle and put down someone the quickest and with the "shadiest" insult or meme/giph.
  4. I’m no Xtina fan but Accelerate made an impact on me. I’m still trying to push it on people. Such a shame it was given a £5 budget video. There was such a buzz around with her Paper Magazine cover (which in some bizarre campaign choice she didn’t talk about the album)......and then just nothing.
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  5. Same, I've played it every time I've had mates over for a BBQ or drinks. I'll convert someone yet...
  6. You're doing a lot defending a Meghan Trainor stan but ok.
  7. That user's first post in this thread was about how they dislike the album and aren't surprised it's flopping, and they came back a week later to say the same thing. Mind you they're quite actively posting in threads such as Dumblonde, Hailee Steinfeld, Tinashe, Meghan Trainor, Nadine Coyle & Mandy Moore without a single mention of their chart success (or lack of.) When someone is posting just for the sake of a taking a jab, then why do we just have to sit there and grin because it's their opinion? If I don't like your opinion, then you will hear about it. If you don't want people to respond to your opinions, post them on a private Twitter account for no one to see.
  8. I don't mind nor care who anybody is a fan or Stan of... I dislike the word Stan cause it seems to imply that people lose all objectivity or rationality when it comes to that artist.
    What he said was the truth, the album sales, streaming figures and chart statistics speak for themselves. It's obvious that it seems only christina fans are enjoying this album. I wish it was reaching and connecting with a wider audience, but alas...
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  9. Let them take a jab then! What's the big deal? Just because someone took a jab or poked fun or said something you don't like or agree with is no need to resort to name calling.
    But if that's the way you operate then no worries, no skin off my back.
    I just like to see a forum and threads where a proper conversation about music can take place without childish over reaction and stroppiness happens every other post.
    If you're interested in a forum without the bullshit, I'd recommend Marilyn Manson's Provider Module forum. Excellent, been a big fam for years. Although, I don't know if you're Manson fan or not but still a cool forum nevertheless
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  10. People are entitled to their opinions, and I let people have their differing opinions, the album isn't for everybody, not everybody is going to enjoy it. But we don't need to hear that opinion over and over. Once we've heard it more than once, you're doing it for a reaction. The reason that user's posts are so baiting is because he makes it clear just how much bias he has by actively celebrating people who's chart history are non-existent. But when it comes to Xtina? Oh, he's got a thing or two to say about her Billboard stats, lemme tell ya!
  11. This is how this thread is, it's ass kissing only. Accept it and you'll find life much easier.
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  12. Sometimes PopJustice forum kills all the positive vibes I get from my faves. I do wonder why I visit it 10x a day. I must be some kind of masochist...

    The album is still fucking brilliant.
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  13. Yep. So get on board or get out.
  14. So... we're only allowed to mention or bring up chart performance if that album or single is performing well?
    As I said, I never really post on these threads, always been happy just reading other peoples opinions about the music...
    But, if a person mentions a single or albums chart performance and what they say is the truth, why does that generate such a strong negative reaction. If it's the truth, it's the truth and there's really no arguing that fact.
    I'm not here to get into a debate and I'm genuinely trying not to criticise anyone but I just find it very double standards...
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  15. No problem with talking about charts. Problem is with the hypocrisy of that certain user.
  16. I get ya. As I said, I don't really participate in these threads, just normally read others views and opinions.
    I'm a massive Madonna and Britney fan so I'm well used to getting the piss taken out of me from my mates for various reasons when it comes to those 2 artists. I guess their criticism doesn't really bother me because it has no impact on the way I appreciate and enjoy them. As a fan, my relationships with M and B continually evolve so I'm well able to point out and accept their flaws, of which M. & B. and Christina have many when it comes to their careers.
    To be honest, I don't really know what I'm saying anymore as I'm very hungover. I guess it would make a nice change of pace and be refreshing to not have to go through pages and pages of people getting hung up and offended my everything everybody says.
    I think I need a sleep to get my thoughts into a coherent state... or another beer!
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  17. I'm not a Meghan Trainor stan. I've been following her since "All about that bass" and that's all. Following means buying her music, watching her music videos, etc. but I don't dream about Meghan or I won't die if she doesn't release music anymore. I think she has some funny songs and I enjoy them, what is wrong with that?

    Are you the ones who dictate who is a popstar or who isn't, which song is a bop or which isn't? Anyway, you're taking things too seriously. I just come here to talk about artists, music, and have fun. And yes, I have a lot of fun here, even when people mock me so much for the Meghan Trainor stuff.

    Well.. if posting my opinion serves to spice things up a little, what is wrong with that?

    Anyway, you can't compare an artist like Christina Aguilera with Dumblonde, Hailee Steinfeld, Tinashe, Meghan, Nadine or Mandy Moore. We are talking about Christina Aguilera! First of all, these artists haven't got the exposure Christina has had, they are more niche artists, their music works on lower budgets, etc. Christina Aguilera is (and should be) one of the greatest voices in the music industry right now and it's frustrating she has been struggling flop after flop.

    If I post here it's because Christina matters to me. I'm not posting on Childish Gambino thread, for example, because I'm not interested in him or his music at all. I'm just not feeling Liberation, and the people I know in real life (outside Internet) either.

    Why are you talking about hypocrisy then? It would be nice to have some sense of humour from time to time.

    I really appreciate everything you said, but didn't want to quote it all. Your comments are very honest and gentle, thank you!

    You just hit the nail on the head in this comment, since I think Christina doesn't fit in today's musical landscape somehow because she is a very well known pop artist and that's playing against her. If this music was released by someone else (like SZA or FKA twigs, for example) there would be another public interested in this music... but not the pop fans who grow up listening to Genie in a bottle, What a girl wants, etc.

    Regarding the promotion of Liberation, when Christina was on prime TV she should have pushed harder for her new material instead of singing old hits (the Today show performances of Fighter or Can't hold us now) or covers (the Fallon subway segment featuring Respect, plus Fighter again). When an artist does that, I get the feeling he/she is releasing a greatest hits or her new material doesn't live up to the previous one.

    Anyway, I loved Bionic and Lotus, I was very interested in a new release by Christina, but Liberation wasn't what I expected and I really started to notice from the release of Accelerate. It's not my cup of tea, that's all. And I understand the album has flopped because it's not for everybody.

    But hey, it's all good here and everybody's entitled to their own opinion.
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  18. You did it for a reaction and got the reaction you should've expected... So, what now?

  20. Sounds like a fucking fan to me
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