Christina Aguilera - Liberation

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I love Christina but I must say that, Deserve aside, I haven't played Liberation more than 5 times.


Right Moves is phenomenal and easily the most underrated song of hers since at least the Bionic era.

Like I Do should've been either the big push single or the hype single. Accelerate was way too polarising.
Right Moves, Like I Do and Accelerate have been my favourites from day one. Accelerate was a grower, and once it grows it’s impossible to stop playing it. If it had been pushed harder as the lead it could’ve actually been a hit purely from repeat streams, it’s addictive

Fall In Line, Right Moves, Like I Do and Pipe screamed singles to me
Accelerate is amazing but definitely a grower/a risky first single. I'm glad she did it since Nofuxtina is one of her best hats, but Right Moves or Fall In Line would have had more broad appeal even if I can't stand Demetria.

Fall In Line technically was the first single.
The Accelerate video is fun to watch. A bit Do It by Miley but make it less aggressively sexual.

The album needed some trimming and arranging but there was a strong record in there. So sad it didn’t do much. But the tour was still one of my favourite tours ever just because she seemed to really enjoy it - and she really does have the hits to set a stage on fire.
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