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Christina Aguilera - Lotus

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by leoapp, May 20, 2011.

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  1. LJB


    I'm lying, I totally had it for Bionic. Though I do remember having the sentiment 'I'm glad I love this album, but also glad it's flopping so as to put her ego in check". D'ya think that might've voided my membership for calender year '10?
  2. I feel so bad for Marina, she and her team create one of the best music videos ever, only for the song to flop, Rihanna to copy the video for a hit song and win a VMA, and now Christina...
  3. I don't live in fear of your block button, I would have made that comment to anyone who rejects certain slang on here while championing the 'golden age of PJ' (though funnily enough, most of the people who do that have been made moderators), back when there was a 'Ham' subforum and something called 'Worra Swizz'. Discretion indeed.
  4. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Ok, I think you're taking this way, way more seriously than my original comment was ever intended to be.
  5. Suddenly a little -Tina suffix doesn't seem so bad...
  6. This is going to be fucking amazing.
  7. The teaser looks totally unrelated to the song, yet so good!
  8. Looks color/makeup/action-packed, and my expectations just shot through the roof. I don't doubt it'll be great.
  9. I think it looks horrendous....
  10. I need about 10 dozen of her "Rich Bitch" necklace right now.
  11. How is it even possible to be as flawless as this woman?

    7 on itunes. Inching its way up to the top.
  12. Firebombing cars? Learning from the best I see.
  13. The "best" being?
    I can't wait for the video she looks amazing.
  14. Tulisa.
  15. He's obviously referring to Queen Beyonce. Who while being one of the best, is not THE best. (that is Christina, quite obviously).
  16. Those were the days!

    I'm only half joking. I bet Christina is delighted that she hasn't been cast asunder by the public.
  17. Mariah Carey?

    Loving this video clip she actually looks too hot..!!

    And nobody cares about Marina she is shit!
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