Christina Milian

The whole "Tina Turn Up" thing is awful. From watching her show, she seems a bit deluded. Looks like she is trying to go for the Miley Cyrus angle.

And she is dating Lil Wayne? Yuck.
Yes. It's a mess.

I couldn't even bring myself to write a comment about that.

And I couldn0t even find a way to watch it online apart from the first episode which got uploaded on Youtube and stayed there for just a couple of hours.

On a side note.
Her and Wayne doing Beyonce's Drunk in Love on his Mixtape.
I'm starting to lose faith in her.
Is there a Christina Milian stan or an early noughties chart aficionado who can explain why there were 6 official regional remixes of Dip It Low? There is a unique remix of the song featuring a rapper from each of the following territories:

Puerto Rico
Japan which it, for the most part, charted outside of the top 10.

Was Christina Milian a bigger international force than I'd realized? Was this just a well connected artist getting the most from her label? Or was this actually a common practice in and around 2004?
I'd rather say to make her a bigger international force she had various guest rappers so that the respective territories would pay more attention.

There are other instances, for example Ronan Keating recording "We've Got Tonight" with different local singers in 2002.
She was massively talented and very promising, but she never took off anywhere save the UK, and even then it was for...what? Three singles?

"AM to PM" is an early noughties anthem and "Dip It Low" and "When You Look At Me" are both very nice too....but it's a shame she'll always be an almost-was.
I always loved how much the UK stanned her. Her singles run was flawless though, however short it was.


It was all gravy, baby.
I'd kill to see her live.

She's almost never performed live but I am quite sure she's not bad.
I'll be refreshing the page, anxiously waiting for you to post your impressions from the gig.