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Christine And The Queens - discussion générale

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. A recent discovery of mine, and quickly becoming one of my favourite debut albums of the year is 'Chaleur Humaine' by Héloïse Letissier aka Christine And The Queens. Classy pop recorded in a mixture of French and English.


    Video for single 'Saint Claude':

    The whole album is streaming on her official YouTube channel for anyone interested. Also, a small profile piece from The Guardian.
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    Re: Christine And The Queens - Chaleur Humaine (debut album)

    An incredible piece of work. Shame she didn't include "The Loving Cup" but otherwise I can't complain as the album's perfect as it is anyway.

  3. Re: Christine And The Queens - Chaleur Humaine (debut album)

    Just WOW! What an album ... Thanks for bringing this to my attention NecVoodoo ...

    The closing track 'Here' sounds like La Roux produced by Air which is obviously a brilliant thing.

    I'm also reminded of Mandalay in several of the tracks and also of some scandanavian artist I can't quite remember at present. (edit: Bertine Zetlitz 'Broken')

    More people need to hear this album.
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  5. Re: Christine And The Queens - Chaleur Humaine (debut album)

    Really love this album. The cover is a bit ugly though, those shoes? My least fave track has actually got to be Saint Claude, it really put me off her at first but then I gave her a chance because you can tell she has talent. Nuit 17 à 52 has one of the best choruses ever. I can't believe her album is actually successful in France, I'm pleasantly surprised. Would love to see her live.
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    Re: Christine And The Queens - Chaleur Humaine (debut album)

    With this album I feel like each track is better than the preceding one. "Saint Claude" was my early favourite, now I think it's "Ugly-Pretty". It makes me regret I learnt German and not French back in school.
  7. Re: Christine And The Queens - Chaleur Humaine (debut album)

    Time to bring this little thread to the top as Christine and The Queens just get better with time and everybody should take note. Here is a new Paradis-remix of the utterly beautiful "Christine" that adds a male voice towards the end.
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    The album is so so great. She deserves more recognition on here.
  9. I've really been into 'Saint Claude' these last few days.
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    That track in particular. The chorus is so beautiful.
  11. Ok, big news for Christine, she got signed to Neon Gold Records and is releasing an EP called 'Saint Claude' in the US in April, with the following tracklist:

    01. iT
    02. Saint Claude
    03. Tilted
    04. Narcissus Is Back
    05. The Loving Cup

    (pre-order is up:

    She recorded a new version of 'Christine' in English called 'Tilted':


    And she's gonna make her US debut at SXSW later this month and is also opening for Marina & The Diamonds (!!!) for 2 nights:

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    Whew, "Tilted" is better than "Cripple" (the original English version of "Christine").
  13. This is a good chance for them to push The Loving Cup in the US, It's a smash waiting to happen.
  14. Anyone know if we can get the English language version of the EP released on Neon Gold in the UK. Only got the French releases at the moment on iTunes and I really want 'Tilted'!?
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  16. I had downloaded the album after seeing a clip when I was in Paris last autumn but only got round to listening now - wow. Will definitely be among my summer albums.
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    Serving quiet banger - I love her.
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  18. Awesome, love it. She's really great, very unique in a good way.
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