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Christine And The Queens - discussion générale

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. Hasn't anyone found any new registered titles for her new album? THIS IS TAKING TO LONG.
  2. I'm surprised at how much more masculine her look has become since about late 2016. I wonder if it will play more into the music since while her Chaleur humaine was decidedly not sexualized or very feminine, it was still quite soft. This is a more rock and roll image, and I'm excited.
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  3. Those Monday Tuesday shows, though - nah sis.
  4. I really hope there's not a 3-month gap between this tour announcement and the first single.
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  5. Got LA tickets so that's my surprise anniversary gift for the boyfriend taken care of then.
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  6. RJF


    After following her on Instagram for the better part of a year and a half, the change in... image (and whatever else) is not that much of a surprise. I feel like she's been telegraphing this shift for a while.

    Bring it on.
  7. I can't wait for her next album. Also need to look into tickets to see her live again. She was phenomenal last time.
  8. Jo Calderone is shook. The new image is exciting and I have a feeling the new album will be even better than the last.
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  9. A new Marina and Christine album this year will end me.
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  10. I'm totally ready for Chris and the Kings.
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  11. Could someone speaking/understanding French translate/tell us what the text on her website’s about? It looks like some sort of manifesto.
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  12. I am, but I could never translate such a text in English. First, because I lack the actual vocabulary in English to do so, but more so because that text is absolutely amazing, guys. Her writing is outstanding, but I don't know what I expected from her. It's very poetic, and thus by definition, it's also very ambiguous, and purposefully so (she quite literally says "I have no intention to make the task any easier with definitions that would prompt(incite?) laziness" (from her? from the reader? who knows ddd).

    The gist of it is about womanhood, manhood, femininity, masculinity, how these can meet, androginy, beauty standards, etc.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful, but hopefully she translates it herself with the help of someone to keep the same flow and meaning. I don't know if she can, though, as it's part of a magazine (called 'Égoïste").
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  13. I thought it was a pic of young Louis de Funès ddd.
  14. Reminds me of Alain Delon in 1965.
  15. UK Tour dates

    nov. 17: Bournemouth BIC
    nov. 20: London Eventim Apollo (sold out)
    nov. 21: London Eventim Apollo
    nov. 23: Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
    nov. 24: Edinburgh Usher Hall
    nov. 26: Birmingham O2 Academy
    nov. 27: Manchester O2 Apollo
    nov. 30: Dublin RDS MAIN HALL

    oct. 11

    oct. 12
    Forest National

    oct. 13
    Afas Live

    oct. 15

    oct. 17

    oct. 23
    The Showbox

    oct. 26
    Fox Theater

    oct. 27
    Los Angeles
    The Wiltern

    oct. 31
    New York
    Brooklyn Steel

    + Extra date nov. 1
    New York
    Brooklyn Steel

    nov. 02
    Union Transfer

    nov. 04
    9:30 Club

    nov. 05
    The Danforth Music Hall

    nov. 11
    Place Bell

    nov. 17

    nov. 20
    Eventim Apollo
    — Sold out

    + Extra date nov. 21
    Eventim Apollo

    nov. 23
    Royal Concert Hall

    nov. 24
    Usher Hall

    nov. 26
    O2 Academy

    nov. 27
    O2 Apollo

    nov. 30

    dec. 04

    dec. 05
    Metropole Arena

    dec. 06
    Zenith Sud

    dec. 11

    dec. 12

    dec. 14
    Halle Tony Garnier

    dec. 15

    dec. 18
    AccorHotels Arena
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  16. What a random venue choice for Glasgow
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  17. I want to listen to the new music before buying tickets.
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  18. Managed to snag a presale standing ticket for Glasgow. The standing area at the Concert Hall is quite small so bound to be good!
  19. GLASGOW AND EDINBURGH dates?! Yath, I'm literally spoilt for choice between Concert Hall and Usher Hall
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