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Christine And The Queens - discussion générale

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Aug 10, 2014.

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    People I've Been Sad gives me chills every time. I need more material from her asap now.
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  2. Murder me, mom.
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    So...are we getting another album from her this year? She is a worker.
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  4. It has been two years since Chris so I was expecting an album this year
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  5. Already?! Damn time flies.
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    I know right?!!? I literally thought the same. I'm so excited!
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  7. Chris (double CD version - original price 22 euros ca) has been on sale for 6/7 euros at every Fnac in Paris for months so I figured that something is coming or it didn't sell as well as they'd hoped.
  8. It didn’t sell.
  9. That new logo, mwah mwah delicious.
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  10. Yeah french amazon had the limited and numbered vinyl boxset for sale last month sadly
  11. The song is "La vita nuova" and it features Caroline Polachek. WHEW.
  12. WHAT
  14. [Cover removed by request] (so I assume it may have been the album cover opps)



    Brace yourselves, girls.
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  15. Stunning cover.
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  16. Giving me The Exorcist but make it Prince.
  17. I'm screaming that a cult female popstar ft. cult female popstar imaginary collab that twitter bottoms dream up during breaks at work is actually becoming a reality.
  18. Alright, which obnoxious pedantic bitch is going to point out that "La nuova vita" or "Vita nuova" would have sonded much more natural in Italian?

  19. Sam


    Seems one already has

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