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Christine And The Queens - discussion générale

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. My god, Chris and Caroline together.

    giphy (25).gif
  2. New Music? New Visuals? Caroline Polachek? Félix Maritaud? I can't BREATHE Christine.
  3. She samples Beyoncé's "Sweet Dreams" on the first seconds of "Je disparais dans tes bras"? Beautiful.
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  4. Her and Caroline sound so good together. Holy heaven.
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  5. Her accent singing in italian is so cute. And the song is a bop. Thanks Chris!
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  6. She really is one of the greatest of all time. La vita nuova and its visual... ma'am it's a thursday evening stop being so disruptive to my life.
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  7. Not me clicking play and then realizing I need a moment before I actually settle in.
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  8. People, I've been gooped.
  9. I just did my first complete listen through and it's true, people I've been scalped.
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  10. I just watched the video and I guess my wig didn't need to remain on Earth.

    Nobody does it like her. Seeing her with Caroline! Help!
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  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    When Caroline came in - people I was gagged
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  12. Nah it’s a soundalike. Just enough not to get scalped.
  13. Fucking HELL the song with Caroline blew my head right off. The rest of it seems great too, especially "Je disparais dans tes bras".
  14. LPT


    The film is an emotional, breathtaking piece. Brava.
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  15. How is she so fucking cool?!
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  16. The way I won with this Chris and Caroline Germanotta power collab... gosh, I’m over the moon with the EP.
  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Everything on this EP/in the video is literally around the 10 mark???? I'm in awe of her.
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  18. Cristina e i Femminielli?!
    Maria Carolina Policacchio!?!?!

    QUEST* È *assorted syllables* È LA VITA NUOVA!!!
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  19. I...

    As an Italian™ living in Paris for the first time and dealing badly with my first real heartbreak, watching this gurl deliver bops and looking shattered, running through the Opera, and then inviting Miss Caroline to sing in fucking Italian is... not what I expected or was prepared to on a fine Thursday evening. They're making me cry.

    sksksksk I hate you.
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  20. Getting Caroline Polachek to ululate in Italian and then serving up an enormous chorus straight out of the Danielle Haim playbook? Her MIND!
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