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Christine And The Queens - discussion générale

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. Man Caroline really steals the show huh?
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  2. I posted two stories on Insta last night before going to bed from the scenes where Chris sees Caroline / when she loses it and goes in the choreo hard and... I woke up to 20 messages from people asking who this was, man they need more exposure!
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  3. I went to her gig at the Moth Club tonight and she was predictably incredible. She did the EP in order and also 5 Dollars and Tilted, finishing with a French house track that went into Gone. Caroline Polachek came out for La vita nuova and the chemistry between them was staggering.
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  4. Gimme a joint tour!
  5. I’ve just watched La Vita Nuova on my big tv, and it’s so sumptuous. I need a full musical feature film from her please.
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  6. The way Caroline squeals that oOooOooo on La Vita Nuova. Wig!
  7. an absolute angel

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  9. The entire EP is fantastic but, holy fuck, has 'People I've Been Sad' been hitting differently these last few days.

    One of my favourite things she's ever done.
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  10. Was the vinyl pushed back? Got an email that it has and now April 24 is the date.
  11. Queen of CONTENT!

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  13. Officially release that cover, Chris! It's mandatory now.
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  14. Listening to Nada 8 times last night:

  15. The chuckle I let out!
    Nada lowkey turned out to be my fave from the EP.
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  16. She uploaded her Blinding Lights cover on her Youtube channel

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  17. aux


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  18. She made a playlist

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