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Christine And The Queens - discussion générale

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. I found out about 3SEX now and it's incredible.

    How I crave more of her music.
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  2. It’s a cover of one of Indochine’s biggest hits ahead of the release of their greatest hits or something, but yes, that cover is great!
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  3. Luc


    The single cover for 3SEX is stunning!


    Also, the original version from 1985 titled 3e Sexe (Third gender) is still a timeless French bop!

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  4. Christine and the Queens – People, I’ve Been Sad

    Well, haven’t we all? That wryly understated admission in the title sums up the candour, humour and acute feeling that defines Héloïse Letissier’s pop project, and they’re words that many of us needed to hear this year as weeks of physical disconnection turned into months. “If you disappear then I’m disappearing too” is a helpless yet comforting chorus, sung as a duet between two versions of herself that desperately want to become one. It’s also one of her funkiest performances, recalling the way Michael Jackson would place gasps, hisses and monosyllables exquisitely on and around the beat, but done at a measured tempo. BBT

  5. Not available... What was it?
  6. She’s featured on french rapper Tayc song « haine colorée ».
  7. Mind blown. Only ever knew the Miss Kitten version
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  8. Can't wait to watch this

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  9. rdp


    People, I've been sad is deservedly included as number #2 on Pitchfork's best songs of 2020 list:

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  10. It makes me so happy that year-end press are recalling this release despite it coming, rather uncannily, right before the nightmare of the year really got underway.
  11. I don't know what I expected when I clicked on this but it wasn't a Charles & Edie cover. I am bopping.


  12. I don't know what this is but she looks hot.

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  14. Nice to see another of the alt girls covering Freedom this year!
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  15. Who's the other?

    EDIT: Never mind I just realised this was Lorde shade dd.
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  16. Chris said I know what you did last summer Ella.
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  17. Comme l'oiseau is a cover of an extremely popular French song of the sixties/seventies.
  18. Haven’t been able to get into much since the Double album. Those first 2 albums are massive
  19. Not even this stone cold bop?

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