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Christine And The Queens - discussion générale

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. Thanks for posting this. It’s awesome. Totally missed it!
  2. That whole EP is fantastic!

    She's been releasing a lot of covers lately, probably to keep us fed while we wait for new music, which i'm sure will be just as amazing.
  3. mpl


    Her performance at Global Citizen was truly fantastique. What a star.
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  4. Managed to catch it with my boyfriend who is not a stan but “appreciates her craft”, and he was obsessed. The staging and performance of Doesn’t Matter was amazing.
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  5. Doesn’t Matter hitting just as hard if not harder than when it came out, she just gets it
  6. and then some...absolutely fantastic.
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  7. Has this been posted somewhere? We have new music!

  8. Yes on the previous page.
  9. Looking at last unread page betrayed me! Sorry!
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  10. Is Doesn't Matter her best song? Maybe so.


    So in conclusion: saviour of pop!

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  11. I find that the more time I spend with her music the more I love her
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  12. New collaboration:

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  13. What is all this Redcar stuff she’s posting? Is something afoot?
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  14. She's been posting this Redcar stuff for months, it has been quite more frequent in the last 2 weeks though.

    Honestly i've had to mute her. Until we get some substantial news I don't have the patience dd.
  15. I miss her.
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  16. La Vita Nuova was excellent but also gives me war flashbacks as I was hammering it just as the world went to shit in 2020. So would be nice to have some new stuff.
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  17. Y'all never getting shit till the last Chris boxset sells.
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  18. As a young gay, I never got to hear bops en chanson (apart from this one). That's why this Pride month, hmv is just GIVING AWAY the 'Chris' boxset--
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