Christine and the Queens - PARANOÏA, ANGELS, TRUE LOVE

Track 10 will be difficult for everyone, it’s a pure rock opera instrumental he adlibs over, when he played it before the encore at his LA show, people struggled to maintain the energy, but I’m really looking forward to diving into this as a whole. All the pre-release songs have been great, and To Be Honest is always close to the top of my ‘Play Next’ list.
A day in the water hit me hard. True love did as well, but the melodies in this hit harder.

The repetitive instrumental of True love made me like it a little less over time but I can’t enough of the production here. Can’t wait to listen to this one stoned.
Instantly hooked by 'We have to be friends' and haven't taken it off repeat.

I feel those who found Redcar a slog are going to find this just the same or even harder to get into.

Can't wait to dive into this properly tomorrow.'s an edifice. In general it does suffer from the same unfocussedness as Redcar but I found a lot more to enjoy here than there (to be honest, from that project I took "rien dire" and "Je te vois enfin" and ran). I'm looking forward to listening again and allowing some of these songs to sink in, which I don't think I was able to say about Redcar.

After this initial play I would say the highlights that weren't released as singles were "Marvin descending" (just very pretty), "Full of life" (ostensibly a song about romance and transness sung over Pachabel's Canon), "Flowery days" (a straightforward ballad with a lovely piano figure), "Aimer, puis vivre" (which features him riffing over that Arlo Parks "Radiohead but make it lo-fi study beats to relax to" style of production), "We have to be friends" (a decent bit of pop sludge), the second half of "Lick The Light Out" when it all seems to come together, and the closer "Big eye" (which gave me industrial Cranberries at times).

On the other hand, Charli has nothing to worry about when it comes to any putative "Track 10" war.

Why is Track 10 actually Track 7? Is it a cover of the Charli XCX song or something?

EDIT: Also why are there two versions of the same album on his Spotify page?
I feel like I've been listening for 2 hours and i still haven't reached the end of the album but there are a few gems here, i think.
Yeah, it's going to be a minute until I can form thoughts on this. Going to have to sit with it for a while. Appreciating it all so far, but it's certainly ... a lot.
At least there’s a condensed version of the album for a more casual digestible listen, something I really wish Prince did with his Emancipation album.

I want to agree, but I looked at the abridged tracklist and I'm already irritated at certain songs making it over others ddd.