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CHRIStine and the Queens RATE [#6]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. The perfect top 10 is as follows:

    Christine / Tilted
    Narcissus Is Back
    Damn, dis-moi (feat. Dâm-Funk) / Girlfriend (feat. Dâm-Funk)
    La Marcheuse / The Walker
    Doesn't matter (voleur de soleil) / Doesn't Matter
    Machin-chose / What's-Her-Face
    L'Étranger (voleur d'eau) / The Stranger
    The Loving Cup
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  2. [​IMG]

    vingt / 20


    The Loving Cup (from the Nuit 17 à 52 EP)

    average score: 7.743
    highest scorers: 10 x 3 (@Eric, @Trinu 3.0, @Verandi) 9 x 3 (@Ana Raquel, @CorgiCorgiCorgi, @soratami)
    lowest scorers: 4 x 1 (@Aidan) 6 x 3 (@2014, @Remorque, @The Hot Rock)

    So a track from the extras category in a rate actually made it to the Top 20 well hello let's celebrate that. Nuit 17 à 52 opener The Loving Cup actually made it as high as 13th place at one point in the voting period, then slowly vogued back to 20th place. I say vogued because that's what The Loving Cup is inspired by. More specifically, ball culture and the film Paris Is Burning. On a forum that is predominantly LGBTQ+ I'm sure I don't have to go into detail about Paris Is Burning, so ubiquitous is its influence. Chris wrote the song after watching the iconic documentary for the first time saying about the song, "everyone is invited, without exception and without judgment - it is an answer to everything that hurts us. The only instruction is to sublimate what we have arrived with: Work it, and walk. Everything is a matter of trust. Sharing."

    Taking that concept of a safe space for queer people which balls represent, Chris would adopt this for her own live shows, trying to make each and every gig a safe, no-judgment environment, dubbing the space in an onstage monologue as a Free Zone (or Xone if you wanna throw a Janet-reference in there, which I absolutely will). Just a few simple words, but you could tell they were heartfelt and appreciated by the crowd.

    The music video also reinforces that theme, with the protagonist going from their humdrum (and could we say, closeted?) daytime existence and becoming themselves as night falls and getting to live their best life in the company of like-minded individuals. Chris makes a brief appearance, singing along to the song. Talking about the video she had this to say:

    "The boy in this video could be anyone, and his transformation needs no explanation; he is there with us, and he dances. It's enough. For a brief moment he detaches himself to everything that determines him: he becomes extraordinary."

    "What an amazing video and concept: the third contender for my 11." - @Eric

    "One of the early bops! We stan." - @Verandi

    "Gorgeous instrumental!" - @berserkboi

    "It’s interesting how this style of production bypassed the Chaleur humaine era and jumped ahead 5 years to the Chris era instead. Perhaps it was too ahead of its time for some people?" - @constantino

    "Nice video, but the song is missing something, and I don’t know what. Decent." - @Michael17

  3. mariah_rose_cemetery.gif
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  4. dix-neuf / 19


    L'Etranger (voleur d'eau) / The Stranger

    average score: 7.850
    highest scorers: 9.8 x 1 (@berserboi) 9 x 4 (@CorgiCorgiCorgi, @LE0Night, @soratami, @The Hot Rock)
    lowest scorers: 5 x 3 (@Hurricane Drunk, @Sprockrooster, @Verandi) 7 x 2 (@Michael17, @slaybellz)



    [ synth harpsichord intensifies ]

    L'etranger (voleur d'eau) / The Stranger is the closing track on both versions of Chris and it's been... a week so I'm going to lean on Chris herself to tell you what the song is all about from her song-by-song breakdown of the album on Pitchfork:

    "It’s about how my inner turmoil suddenly meets more urgent, more terrible, more important turmoils—like how a sudden feeling of helplessness can suddenly resonate with the refugee crisis that I’m seeing on the news. It’s like a crisis of faith with the TV on. It’s my most conscious song to date, directly addressing fragments of terror and suffering that are not mine. And my voice suddenly bears other fights than mine, as if I was trying to warn you about an imminent catastrophe.

    One of my favorite shows I’ve ever seen is the one ANOHNI performed with her last album, when she disappears under a veil to give her voice to a multitude of faces projected behind her. The idea that the singer can be also the voice of other people makes more and more sense to me. Some inner sorrow can suddenly join the stream of other cries. Music is also about empathy, and I like the idea that entertainment is not that isolated bubble of joy. It has to be more than that. Otherwise it’s just advertising."

    "Wasn't a fan of this the first few times I heard it but it really grows on you, doesn't it? Probably one of my favorites on the album in terms of instrumentation." - @The Hot Rock

    "The track sounds like a funky piece of classical music. Inventive & original." - @pop3blow2

    "Ca Montre son talent" - @berserkboi

    "Queen of reminding us to drink water.

    Also, I can’t think of a Frencher way to end off an album than with a clavichord. I have no idea what the connection between a Maserati (work bitch) and some stranger but her delivery and her yelling in the second half is just amazing." - @Trinu 3.0

    "Like any good album closer, this beautifully mirrors Comme si. It has the right about of suspense that keeps you engaged and wanting just a bit more. Thankfully, because the girl cannot settle on just ONE tracklisting for an album, we got just that!" - @constantino

    "This is a strange one because all I can think of when I listen to is La Suite Féerique / Magical Suite, which was this awkward Disney song/instrumental made specifically for the Disneyland parades. I once went with my parents as a kid and of course we got the official cd, and between all the usual Disney songs there was this horror of 13 minutes. This song basically gives me war flashbacks. Sorry Chris, it's not your fault." - @Verandi

    "An experiment that just doesn’t quite work. Not a total miss, but a disappointment." - @Michael17

  5. dix-huit / 18


    Half Ladies

    average score: 7.924
    highest scorers: 10 x 5 (@Ana Raquel, @Hurricane Drunk, @klow, @slaybellz, @Verandi) 9.5 x 1 (@Michael17)
    lowest scorers: 4.5 x 1 (@LE0Night) 5 x 1 (@Aidan)

    I don't have a lot to say about Chaleur humaine track Half Ladies (c'mon rate fatigue!), other than it's another track that brings together the overall themes of the album. There's references to adolescence, gender identity, of being an outcast. Chris' genius annotation for the first verse line qui marque la peau doesn't shed much more light on the song other than the fact she's a fan of Lorde and of Team in particular:

    "My lyrics are often crossed by marked skins, accidents, wounds, imperfections. We are once again in adolescence, but also in what is not smooth, which breathes - injuries are also proof of life, of vulnerability. There is a phrase from Lorde that I really like and that I could have written about teenagers' skins: "their skins in craters like the moon"."

    "Another track where the production is top notch. Everything is just beautifully executed." - @Verandi

    "Très Bien!" - @berserkboi

    "I’m all for understated songs, but this song was a victim of sequencing for me." - @constantino

    "Pansexual anthem. It's the production that won me over on this one, because there's some very intricate details going on in the background and I never not get the feels when that guitar sets in." - @Remorque

    "I don’t know why this reminds me of Lykke Li, but it does and I love it.
    Another song that shows us how Chris has navigated their queer identity. From big girl to small boy in two verses!"
    - @Trinu 3.0

    "I prefer the English version because the throaty sounds of the French are kind of jarring for this type of song. The French bridge is the highlight of the song though. Very sincere and somehow very comforting. Marvelous." - @Michael17

  6. dix-sept / 17


    Follarse / Damn (What Must A Woman Do)

    average score: 8.062
    highest scorers: 10 x 3 (@2014, @Aidan, @Ana Raquel) 9.3 x 1 (@berserkboi)
    lowest scorers: 6.5 x 1 (@NecessaryVoodoo) 7 x 8 (@beyoncésweave, @CorgiCorgiCorgi, @LE0Night, @Remorque, @soratami, @Sprockrooster, @The Hot Rock, @Verandi)

    Follarse, so I'm told, is a Spanish verb meaning to fuck (or get fucked?) so there's no mistaking the title or the lyrics themselves about what this song is about. Talking to Pitchfork Chris said, "I wanted to make an aggressively brutal track about horniness. I wanted this album to complicate things, not for the sake of complicating things, but just to express that a woman can be a contradictory character. I’ve found that complexity is starting to be addressed on records, but rarely does a woman get to have so many contradictions in one record—you have to eventually choose a way to be branded. I wanted to make it really complicated to pin me down. I wrote “Damn (what must a woman do)” at a moment in my life where I was actually scared that the public figure I was becoming could be an obstacle to pure, raw, simple sex. Intimacy is always about power and politics, and my force field was becoming one of a powerful woman, and that was disruptive to most people. The figure of the horny, angry, lustful woman is still ugly in this society."

    Janet's Velvet Rope is an obvious touchstone here once again but she has also mentioned Serge Gainsbourg's 1984 album Love On The Beat and its queer energy as being an influence on the album and it's hard not to hear Chris' lustful exclamations that punctuate Follarse as being a direct reference to the title track's animalistic energy.

    "I've said this like 10 times now but the french version is so much better here." - @The Hot Rock

    "Such a funky weird track. It all works pretty well, though." - @pop3blow2

    "What in the Dannii Minogue dj compilation is going on?" - @Verandi

    "Hanteux." - @berserkboi

    "A lot, clearly. A woman must do a lot. Let it be KNOWN that Christine threw the first baguette at the patriarchy. This lags a bit in the middle, but it otherwise is very engaging and well-produced." - @constantino

    "I read something where she said she really wrote straight-forward sexy lyrics with a sort of abandon, but I felt she could have been so much more filthy. I love the orgasms punctuating the final chorus, too. Great." - @Michael17

    "Honestly one of the highlights of Chris, everything about this song is just utter perfection and when she mashed it into Nasty by Janet during her tour this_kills_the_man.jpeg." - @Aidan

  7. It really took me a while to realise Follarse was in Spanish. I thought it was a French thing ddddd

    At this point I'm just glad my 11 is still in!
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  8. I expected this to be higher
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  9. 2014

    2014 Moderator

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  10. "Half Ladies" definitely could have lasted a little longer.
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  11. jesus christ??????
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  13. Lost track of the rate a bit over the Easter holidays, but I'm back. Not excited to see "Half Ladies" go, as that is for sure Top 10 worthy for me. Voleur d'eau was shown the door rightly, though.
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  14. Honestly, i'm scared my 11 is gonna leave any day now. I don't trust ya'll.
  15. Sorry y'all, we've been moving our work premises this week and it's been looong, exhausting days so eliminations will resume again at the weekend.
  16. I'm back and it's with the only tie of the rate. And they're both songs that originally appeared on the Mac Abbey EP.

    seize / 16


    Safe and Holy

    average score: 8.076
    highest scorers: 10 x 5 (@2014, @constantino, @NecessaryVoodoo, @Trinu 3.0, @Verandi) 9.6 x 1 (@berserkboi)
    lowest scorers: 4.5 x 1 (@LE0Night) 6 x 3 (@CorgiCorgiCorgi, @Hurricane Drunk, @slaybellz)

    Safe and Holy's first appearance was the Mac Abbey EP and it was very much the diglett to the version on Chaleur humaine's dugtrio, improved in almost every single way (I'm sure there are much better Pokénalagies than this but I'm sitting here writing this while staring at a photo of Alolan dugtrio in her array of wigs so it'll have to do).

    While the original almost sounds like the sort of song you'd hear pounding away while catching a smoke break at the local goth 80's night, the album version better portrays the song's message of using dance as transformation, as ritual, as power with those blaring synth crescendos that punctuate the song. A bit stunning.

    "I find this quite rousing and powerful" - @Eric

    "Gorgeous. It needed some time to grow on me, but glad it happened." - @Sprockrooster

    "What a monster of a song, it's like a Christine/Robyn mashup. Those synths/sinrens! She snapped etc. It's lowkey a disaster that three new songs were made for the English market and this mini masterpiece was not selected as a single over the other two." - @Verandi

    "We love a Susumu build up in the instrumental!" - @berserkboi

    "oos Holly? Anyway, the 2016 tracklisting of Chaleur Humaine with this on it really outsold, huh? This is absolutely essential Christine." - @constantino

    "Another masterpiece of hers. The first two verses are basically an intro to the chorus that forces you to dance and ignore those judging eyes.
    My only con for this song is that it ends with a fading (or whatever is called) and not with a bang."
    - @Trinu 3.0

    "The “safe and holly” line throws me a bit. Nice but not amazing." - @Michael17

    "An ode to dancing your ass off, be it practicing, clubbing or wherever really and I'm entirely here for it, yet it's really not as interesting as the rest of the album." - @Remorque

  17. ...

    Are you fucking kidding me?
  18. seize / 16


    Narcissus Is Back

    average score: 8.076
    highest scorers: 10 x 2 (@berserkboi, @CorgiCorgiCorgi) 9.5 x 2 (@Ana Raquel, @slaybellz)
    lowest scorers: 4 x 1 (@Sprockrooster) 6.5 x 1 (@LE0Night)

    Narcissus Is Back is another song which originally appeared in its first form on the Mac Abbey EP and underwent a spruce up before ending up on the debut album. For the lyrics Chris was inspired by the story of Narcissus after breaking up with a neglectful boyfriend who was more into himself than her.

    A music video for the Mac Abbey version of the song was released, which essentially plays out the story of the song in a beautiful looking theatre with Chris repeatedly trying in vain to gain the attentions of Narcissus who is too busy getting ready for the main stage.


    "This is great!" - @berserkboi

    "A glittery, nocturnal slow burner. This has gradually become one of my favourites of hers." - @constantino

    "I’ll cry a thousand more mirrors? Rupi Kaur found quaking.

    We’ve all known that Narcissus whose smile turns to frown when things are not about them, so having it in bop version is welcome!

    Love the random line in French in the middle. Monolinguism is DEAD!" - @Trinu 3.0

    "This is wonderfully atmospheric, innit. It's a bit dark, features some intricate production details and a great performance by Héloïse, but I've never really been all that invested in this one... Should have been though." - @Remorque

    "Great gowns beautiful gowns." - @Aidan

    "I find this one of her weakest vocal performances, but it’s still fun. Only slightly above average." - @Michael17

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  19. No major upsets in this rate for me thus far...must be a first!
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  20. "Safe and Holy" lasted way too long. Not happy about "Narcissus Is Back" though. I also gave it a 9.5 by the way @NecessaryVoodoo.
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