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Chromatica's "Eurovisiony" references

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by daninternational, Jun 3, 2020.

  1. I'm sure everyone who even remotely follows Lady Gaga's music has seen somebody (or everybody) say that Chromatica at large (*and the Elton John duet in partciular) is very Eurovisiony.

    As a massive Eurovision fan, I don't see it, and I wondered with this forum being full of people who are used to deconstructing and analysing pop music at length, could anyone explain to me if I'm missing something, or if this is just what the GP think of as Eurovision (cheesey/trashy straightforward dance-pop)?

    I mean Sine From Above, the purportedly 'most Eurovision' is the only one not around the 3 minute mark.
  2. This friend of mine said that the first few seconds of Chromatica III sound similar to Portugal's 2008 intro.
  3. Haha I've definitely started singing 'Senhora do Mar' after that one yes!
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