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Chromatics - Closer To Grey

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mister Unicorn, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. Question - was In Films ever released? I got my hands on a lossless copy of it - and it sounds better than the mp3s I've downloaded over the years. And I want to make sure it's genuine.

    Also, I don't really know if this means anything, but one of the tags had "xo Johnnny" in it. I don't know if Johnny sent this out to a fan - has he ever done something like this in the past?
  2. it was but they took it off streaming - curious to hear what version you have !
  3. Check your PM
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  4. Listening to Closer To Grey again, it's not that great.

    After Dark 3 was amazing.

    I got sick of waiting for a new album so purchased all the WAV files from their website and made my own version.

    Time Rider
    Just Like You
    I Can Never Be Myself When You're Around
    Famous Monsters
    Black Walls
    Blue Girl
    In Films
    Girls Just Wanna Have Some
    I Want to Be Alone
  5. Is this in WAV on their website?

    EDIT - at this point, I don't think they'll ever release Dear Tommy. Also, for some reason I feel Chromatics are probably done? I see so much promo on IDAB's Instagram for all their other artists. Chromatics gets almost no promo. So, you can make your own version of Tommy, with all that songs that were made for the album, or recorded during those sessions. All of them are available in lossless either on their website or on streaming portals (except Just Like You, which I got in lossless from some obscure website. Later I discovered that it was available for cheaper on Bleep.)

    Black Walls
    Blue Girl
    Endless Sleep
    Hands In The Dark
    Headlight's Glare
    I Can Never Be Myself When You're Around
    In Films *
    Just Like You
    Looking For Love
    Red Car
    Time Rider
    White Light

    * I don't think In Films was ever released in lossless quality, but I came across a lossless file very recently that seems to be genuine. You might have to look for it a little on the internet, but you will find it if you're looking in the right places.

    Also, why has there not been a decent vinyl rip of Dear Tommy (On Film)? I never bought the Vinyl, but I've been hoping that Johnny and co would release it digitally.
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  6. No but I buy everything in WAV format from their website. I don't know why a few songs are only available as MP3's.

    I love Desire, Mothermary, Glüme, etc so I am enjoying their output (and the upcoming Sally Shapiro album) rather than wait another 8 years for a new Chromatics/Glass Candy album.

    One of the best labels.
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  7. They have disbanded. I guess it was expected, but still hurts, they are one of my favourite bands ever.
    Also note, that the decision came from Ruth, Adam & Nat. I feel like Johnny Jewel's MO fired back (again).
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  8. I'm genuinely upset about this just because there was so much unneccessary fuckery around the past few years. It's so annoying, and it could've easily been avoided.

    Also: Johnny not being mentioned in that statement? I hope some tea is spilled when they inevitably relaunch/rebrand without him.
  9. I feel like they are just another band that couldn’t keep up with JJ's methods anymore. This happened to Mike Simonetti, Heaven, Kraków Loves Adana, and some other minor IDIB bands/artists. Btw Mike & Kraków Loves Adana were pretty vocal about the issues they've had with him.

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  10. His relationships with female artists seem creepy as hell and he sounds like a nightmare to work with. Really sad that this is the end. I imagine Glass Candy is also done.
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  11. Yeah, Ida is definitely out. She has her own Instagram for a while now which doesn't mention IDIB or Glass Candy at all, she's also not following any of the official IDIB accounts (they seem to be a really good friends with Ruth tho)
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  12. Can't say I'm surprised - I guess the writings were on the wall for this.

    That said, I am EXTREMELY disappointed with them, and I'm also frustrated that it ended this way. I mean, after all the years of fuckery with Dear Tommy, this is how they chose to end it? No "thank you and here's Tommy for all the years of waiting"? The least they could have done is just given us the album in whatever raw form it is on Friday and then announced that they were calling it a day.
  13. Not my first post in this thread being back in fucking 2015 and this mess of an album still doesn’t exist and now the band is gone. I am cackling!
  14. I didn't realise Johnny was such a mess.

    The mythology of Dear Tommy means that the album itself wouldn't be that interesting. That's the point of a myth, it wouldn't satisfy the expectation.
  15. This is sad, but understandable, I imagine there was a lot of frustration going on for the band members, I saw them live the week after they released Closer to Grey, and they played no songs from that album, which I thought was bizarre because usually artists love performing new material, but also they were amazing that night, as were Desire.
    It's a shame we never got Dear Tommy after all these years, I was 100% sure it was coming after it being announced last year, which begs the question, why wasn't it released again? I imagine this must have been the final nail for the band.

  16. Do you think Dear Tommy will be released, McCranky?
  17. I wonder why they had to split up? Couldn't they have just left IDIB?

    Maybe they'll get back together under a new name.
  18. This is so sad and unfortunate; Chromatics will always be super special to me despite this debacle. I’m guessing Dear Tommy doesn’t even exist but I do hope they release whatever they can from their vault.
  19. Think they’ll continue as a 3 piece, but likely they’ve had enough of Johnny’s shit and want a fresh start.
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  20. Judging by the removal of Cherry and I Can Never Be Myself When You're Around from the Dear Tommy track list, it's already not the album I was waiting for, so I'll use the tracks @kaushik posted above and just call it Dear Tommy.
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