Chucky - The TV Series

What drugs did episode 4 snort!? Insane. Nice to see Joey Pants though.

At times it feels like this franchise has become a private joke only Don Mancini and Jennifer Tilly are in on.
I'm fully expecting this season to wrap up with this current cast just in case season 4 doesn't get green lit.

And then if season 4 is a go we can focus on the new with Jake, Devon and Lexy taking the Andy / Kyle role.
Season 2 had its moments but I hope the next is less chaotic and leans into horror a lot more. The franchise has goofiness embedded in its DNA so they really don't need to amplify that aspect.
Season 2 felt quite stretched to fit, like the plot would be fine for a 90 minute movie, but there was some re-treading of ideas from the older movies in there.

I can't wait to see how they bring Devon Sawa back again though, hopefully with his shirt off more.
Season 2 for me was everything I wanted. It was over the top, camp, bonkers and fucking hilarious. I loved it.

I'm so relieved as the first season for me wasn't that great, too much tween drama not enough doll.