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CHVRCHES Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by GhettoPrincess, Jul 23, 2018.

  1. Gun shoud've been top 5 along with Lies! I'm surprised there are 5 Every Open Eye tracks in the top 10, two of those don't really belong there.
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  2. The top 2 better be The Mother We Share and Tether.
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  3. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Gun not being top 10 is gross.
  4. Especially since “Bury It” is top 10!
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  5. Still surprised that Open Every Eye has the most left. Not that I don’t like it, just that debut is so flipping fine!
  6. Yup, that confounds me too
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  7. Can't believe that 5 songs from EOE are top 10 when treasures like Deliverance, Gun are outside. Bury it is nice but should go like 25 places ago. I don't remember Down... song so it's the biggest shock it's here, need to listen to it again. Top 3 should be Clearest Blue, Graves and Tether (1).
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  8. That is a Top 3 I can get behind!
  9. Top3 should be made up just of songs from Every Open Eye and that's the tea. Lies not being in the top 5 was a choice.
  10. Leave A Trace top 2 please
  11. Tether and Keep You On My Side are the ones I'm rooting for.
  12. I'm pleasantly surprised at my 11 being a top 10 track.

    And disappointed but not surprised that Gun missed it.
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  13. I'm sorry but Bury It is a banger and totally belongs in the top 10. Not to mention is totally goes off live.
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    I'm shocked that Clearest Blue isn't being rooted as the fave to win.
  15. Not a huge Chvrches fan really but 'Clearest Blue' is one of the greatest songs of all time so that should win okay thanks.
  16. It goes off live or on record!
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  17. Bury It is the very definition (or my Oldies definition) of a modern banger.
  18. And yet you don't like 'Empty threat'.

    'Shakes head like Kim Basinger and Ozzy Osborne'.
  19. Yeah, I know it's probably illogical. Just something about Empty Threat fails to engage with me, it strikes a wrong chord (not literally, of course). I'll have to play all the albums again and see why some tracks just don't appeal to me when on the surface they're quite similar.
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  20. WHAT?!?! I thought this was a lot more loved than to not be considered in their top 20!
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