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CHVRCHES - Love Is Dead

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. I literally came here to post this.
    Stay flawless.
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  2. Wonderland is actually decent and almost worth it.

  3. So, I was reluctant to give this a listen because of the reactions here but it's really not that bad. It's... fine. It's a disappointment compared to the other two albums, but it's pretty listenable.
  4. It's all about Heaven/Hell in my opinion. That one is trully flawless.
  5. My only problem with Heaven/Hell is that it’s not a cover of Heaven and Hell (Being Geri Halliwell).
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  6. I'm surprised it's getting a lukewarm/mixed reaction (both online and commercially), because to me it just sounds like perfect Chvrches, albeit a little more souped-up and poptastic.
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  7. Though I've not listened to this much, I wanted to ask if any bigger fans knew tea on any Glasgow dates being announced? I know they literally just did TRNSMT or whatever but I mean real dates. Wanting to buy tickets for my pals b-day.
  8. Something’s getting announced soonish by the looks of it
  9. Thanks chick xox
  10. These posters were plastered everywhere at TRNSMT yesterday so that’s a show at The Hydro practically confirmed.


    Thought they were brilliant at TRNSMT yesterday. The crowd were great too, singing along to every word. I was worried that they might not get too great a reception because of a lack of (traditional) ‘hits’ but they went down really well.
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  11. Tea. The middle eight (and its wee reprise during the final chorus) is absolutely magical.
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  12. Can’t wait for the show, especially with Let’s Eat Grandma confirmed as opening act.
  13. RJF


  14. You won’t be able to get any 1/6 price tickets on groupon either Hen.

    I still can’t believe they didn’t lead the campaign with Grafitti or Graves... the best two from the album.
  15. It’s only for their Europe shows
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    The irony of my history with seeing CHVRCHES live is I'm seeing them a second time this weekend... and both times have been in London despite the fact we share a home city. I'd be way more tempted by a home show in the Hydro if I liked this album more, but they're decently priced I may take a punt.
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  17. I agree with most people about this album - good but not as stellar as the other two. Some tracks are great, but there are a couple of clunkers where the formula seems a little too obvious. A few middle eights in particular seem very rote.
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  18. I think with this album is that it veers a little too lazily towards sounding geriatric.

    Though Never Say Die, Graffiti and Deliverance are IT.

    Miracle needs to fuck off back to 2012, where it belongs.
  19. I used to hate it, but most of the song is so good that I can forgive the garbage Imagine Dragons bit. It is very sad how much better the song would be without it though.

    Still one of my favorite albums this year.
  20. I guess it's a good thing I've never heard an Imagine Dragons song because Miracle is a jam for me.
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