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CHVRCHES - Screen Violence

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Sep 4, 2020.

  1. It's happening. I know Love Is Dead was met with mixed reviews, and I'm curious where they'll go!
  2. 2014

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    Love Is Dead had some of their highest highs but easily some of their worst ever tracks too, hopefully they can find more of a good balance on this one.
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  3. Ken what...I can only remember about two songs off the last album.
  4. Love Is Dead was enjoyable but lacked passion and their essential sound, so I hope that they can work it out with this record.
  5. Pages 56 - 58 of the new DIY Mag edition, they talk about the recording process for the upcoming album and slightly look back on Love Is Dead:
  6. Excited for this when it comes. They're great. Lauren's vocals somehow weirdly remind me of Ozzy Osbourne and nobody has ever heard what i mean by that. Hahaha
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  7. Girl what?!?!?

    But I am a bit perched for the new album just to see if they can get the magic back or if it’s slipped through for good
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  8. I wish i could explain, but they both have this tinny chorus-like effect to their voices...

    i really like the 3rd album. It's my least favorite but it's way underrated.
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  9. I think I've loved all of their albums, so I'm perched for #4.

    Their debut was a very nice surprise, but I guess by the third record people weren't surprised anymore? I don't know, I'd rather get what I like from them than... whatever OMAM tried in their last album.
  10. I'm one of the few diehard Love is Dead stans (Graffiti, Miracle, Heaven/Hell, Graves, and Get Out are all-time favorites for me) so I'm perched.
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  12. I saw a post from Official Charts saying their new album is inspired by Depeche Mode, which made me think 'isn't that what inspired the last three?'.
  13. Great interview! Definitely looking forward to this!
  14. Last album was great, I never understood the dislike for it.
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  15. It’s coming.
  16. Single next Friday (in ten days) maybe?
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  17. I’m ready
  18. Miss thing has been posting about all the right references recently (Talking Heads, Laurie Anderson, Grace Jones, Janet) so if we get an even more watered down version of that last album I.. will be disappointed.
  19. 2014

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    More tunes like Graves/Forever and far less like Miracle/Never Say Die please!!
  20. Yeah as much as I mostly bopped to the last album, I'd really like something that's got a bit more bite to it this time around.
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