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CHVRCHES - Screen Violence

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Sep 4, 2020.

  1. RJF


    "Good Girls" sounds a lot better in the context of the album. That chorus is pure thunder.
  2. I’m actually surprised that it’s printed. You’d think that they would have actually signed a bundle of them. Lazy!
  3. 3 years ago I ordered Love Is Dead with a signed card from and the signatures were real so...

    I wrote to their customer service. I paid 60 pounds for my order, 30 pounds for import fees and now this.
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  4. I'm... pleasantly surprised at how good this album is. And I say that as one of the few Love Is Dead stans. "Final Girl" is the one, the electric guitar is fucking fantastic.
  5. This made #4 in the end with 9.3k, exactly 300 copies behind #2. I think those are bigger sales than Love Is Dead so good for them! The album's growing on me.
  6. Violent Delights is an absolute triumph and a career highlight.

    What a gorgeous, moody and sprawling tune. It feels like in another world it could have been CHVRCHES take on a bond theme, it radiates drama and energy. I love how pop Lauren's vocals sound on this, and how beautiful and full of yearning she sings "When I'm gone, When I'm gone" at the end of the chorus. Get's me in my feels, this whole album keeps opening itself up as I continue to get wrapped into listening to the entire thing!
  7. So it seems that those signatures on my art card are real. I went to CHVRCHES reddit and some people provided the links to photos and every photo depicts different signatures.

    Silly me.

    Still I bought CD, vinyl and cassette so leave me alone, Lauren!
  8. This album is great. I've come back to it multiple times over the past week. He Said, She Said also sounds much better inside the world of the album than it did when they first released the single.
  9. Yeah I hate to be all "in the context of the album" but He Said She Said is like a different song here. It kinda slaps, honestly.

    The album's back half is the strongest and Lullabies in particular is stunning and fresh. Gorgeous chorus melodies.
  10. I also feel this album shows off Lauren’s accent much more than their previous work too? Am I alone in that? I’m also only a casual fan so I might not be aware if it’s been present in deeper cuts?
  11. Good Girls is probably my favorite overall, but it really is a great album. They're 4/4 for me.
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  12. Agreed He Said She Said really makes sense in the context of the album, I actually love that song now.
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  13. It’s always slapped, you heathens.
  14. Still listening to this religiously. Great for night time driving.
  15. ffff

    He Said She Said remains the weakest of the album but I admit it sounds a lil better now than when it was released. Sorcery idk.
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  16. The percussion in Good Girls really pops off in the context of the album. Those drums kicking in during the chorus feels monumental now.
  17. I'll concede that your instincts were right but I still think it's my least favorite of everything here, *and* that the emotional rollercoaster of Asking For a Friend sets it up better than the song does on its own.

    That being said, it's grown on me tenfold since it was released.
  18. They did great on CBS This Morning. These songs are really going to go off live

  19. I was blasting Screen Violence the whole week when I was lying by the beach and I have to say that my love for it is even bigger now. They executed that whole soundscape in a really good and captivating manner.

    Also I adore how good Lauren sounds this era, her tone is obviously not made for everyone and can be dividing, but she sounds absolutely love on all of those performances.
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  20. RJF


    I've been absolutely rinsing this album in the last couple of weeks. It's such a breezy, easy listen with no skips. I'm quite bowled over at the fact that they've gone ahead and made one of the best albums of the year.
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