I avoided listening to them because I assumed they'd be like certain other bands, but "Gun" is a fucking tune. Not what I expected her voice to be like that at all. Does anyone have a list of songs they've put out or are simply "out there"?
Really looking forward to the album. I love Recover. Wish I had known about them before so I could have bought (on UK iTunes) some of the older songs mentioned in this thread which are now no longer available, like The Mother We Share.
In addition to the songs listed above, "Zvvl" (yes, it's Martin singing, and he will have a couple of songs on the album too) and "Now Is Not the Time" both appear on the Recover EP.

I'm all for diversity, but when Martin took the mic over at the Chicago gig I saw, the show lost its momentum completely. Not to mention, his voice was mixed way too high on most of the songs he provided backing for. I hope Lauren's voice is the focus of the album.
The artwork reminds me of this:

"The Mother We Share" is available on iTunes US/Canada. It sounds like an updated take? I'm hearing some new synths, and her vocals during the verses and bridge are way more clean and center. I think I prefer it? I need to listen to both back to back to make sure I'm not crazy.
It sounds strangely empty to me from the preview. Also, Gun is up for preorder in the UK and is out in less than a month!


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Album tracklist via Pitchfork:

01. The Mother We Share
02. We Sink
03. Gun
04. Tether
05. Lies
06. Under the Tide
07. Recover
08. Night Sky
09. Science/Visions
10. Lungs
11. By the Throat
12. You Caught the Light

Special edition bonus tracks:
13. Strong Hand
14. Broken Bones
15. Gun (KDA Remix)
16. The Mother We Share (We Were Promised Jetpacks Remix)
17. Recover (Live at Village Underground)
18. Lies (Live at Village Underground)